My Vintage Childhood stands for happiness, for free self expression for all, in personal style, in art, in lifestyle, in how we  love and who we love, in how we celebrate and observe tradition and how we connect to the loved ones in our families within an inclusive community.  In this place we connect to the whimsy, nostalgia and difficulties of times gone by, whether they be in our lifetime or those long before. This is the place where we see value in ourselves; and we see beauty in bringing together the old with the new in personal style, life, love, self expression and how we live.

This is a place where anything is possible where it’s never too late and where it’s never too early to honour your history, who you are, how you want to feel and who you want to be.

“I believe it’s possible for all to live a life of personal honour and self love that positively impacts the individual, families, communities and the world at large. I believe in Happiness.”

Trudie Bristow

Certified Personal Stylist, Business Owner, Writer, Survivor