Trudie is the creative, stylish and passionate mind behind My Vintage Childhood. She has a nostalgic heart that influences all aspects of her life from her unique personal style with vintage flare right down to the way she parents.

Her three greatest passions are her family, style and self expression which are in evident in her manifesto. With a lifetime of a creative pursuits, collecting Trudie has a successful vintage children’s business offering genuine vintage treasures for your little loves or big the kids at heart in your life.

Trudie’s love for vintage and fashion don’t stop at little people, and for 8 years she has shared her own unique style online in varies forms.

Interest in Trudie’s personal style within her online and offline communities, propelled to become a certified Personal Stylist. She is incredibly passionate about helping others be the best versions of themselves.

What can you expect here?

There are many layers to the crazy life of Trudie who is a passionate mum to three and wife to Ben. Life on and offline is filled with:

  • Style, fashion and self expression.
  • All things vintage and being thrifty.
  • Craft, events and adventures.
  • Collecting, curating and appreciating the old and the new.
  • Family, tradition, kids and parenting.

Trudie has shared an intimate look into her life since 2009 when she started her original blog after the pre-term loss of identical twin girls Elle and Meg. Her blogging has always shared a view of trying to live a full and blessed life beyond trauma. It’s a huge part of her WHY.

She is certainly proving that to herself and as a result is a Sands Australia blogger and has previously been asked to speak about her experiences in a professional training workshop for midwives.

Trudie’s unique view to life is also reflected in her parenting with a child on the Autism Spectrum. She passionately encourages all of her children to be themselves and own their unique personalities, which is reflected in her writing about family and parenting.

“There’s nothing more I would like than to help others throw off the weight of others expectations and rules. Whether that be personal style or lifestyle choices and be the best versions of themselves. I hope overtime I am able to do that for others through my experience and passion for style. Along with my life experiences that have shown me that life is too short… there is no time like the present to own who we are.”

My Vintage Childhood and Trudie’s various ventures and projects have been featured in various publications, to see more visit our press page.