I’m a great believer in second chances, and late last year some unexpected developments in my personal life, presented the opportunity to help others for the common good.

Before I tell you more I need to introduce you to Shannon, we’ve been the best of friends since grade one. That’s 33 years of crazy tales that we share, and after that many years of friendship we’re like family.

Bestie love ❤️ 30 plus years and going strong with @thedazzler01. #bff

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As I’m sure many can attest, when something rocks those that are near and dear to you, it rocks you too! That is exactly what happened in August last year with the shock news that Shannon’s partner Terry had a serious heart problem. It was a unexpected discovery at the time and one that worsened at a rapid rate.

This sudden discovery resulted in Terry requiring 3 emergency heart surgeries in a short period of time and finally lead to him being flagged as the number one top priority for a heart transplant in Australia and New Zealand. Had it not been for the highly skilled medical staff, specialists and surgeons at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane I may be sharing a different tale with you now.

Thankfully on the afternoon of 26th November 2016 word came that a match had been found for Terry’s heart and then the following day we nervously waited for word of a successful transplant.

Success there was and there was nothing but optimism among family and friends that surgery and recovery for Terry would be successful. So much so that only a few days after the transplant Shannon contacted me with a crazy idea he had in mind.

The conversation went a little like this….

Shannon : Terry is doing well with his recovery, he is surprising all of the doctors and nurses. Hey when Terry is back on his feet we want to put together a huge fundraising event for the Prince Charles Hospital and I want you to style the fashion parade for it okay? Love you!

Me : That is the best news, I am beyond happy and sending all of my continued love and healing energies. Fundraiser sounds great, of course it goes without saying I’m totally on board. How exciting! Love you millions.


{Pic} Terry pre-transplant.

From that conversation and a few more conversations over champagne (okay and cocktails) with Shannon, the Second Chances Fundraiser was born out of discussions about how through tragedy, a heart (and many other organs) can be reused to give another person a “second chance” at life.

I am no stranger to the concept of second chances, a quick look at everything I do and right down to my style ethos and you will know that I’m deeply passionate about finding a new purpose or use for all manner of things and experiences in life.

Shannon, Terry and myself are excited to announce that on Sunday June 11th at The Avenue in Surfers Paradise will host the first Second Chances Fundraiser to raise much needed funds for transplant research for The Common Good Foundation, connected to The Prince Charles Hospital.

Second Chances Original

The event is set to be filled with colour, celebration, art, music, entertainment, fun, fashion, raffles, surprises and MORE. I’m excited to be the creative director for the fundraiser and stylist for the fashion parade where we will WOW attendees with on trend looks with garments and accessories that are having a second chance strutting the catwalk.

To find out more about our event please visit our Second Chances Facebook Page.






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