The Elf on the Shelf phenomena has grown with incredible popularity since 2005 when they hit the festive scene. Since becoming parents we have resisted joining the masses. However there’s good reason why we’re doing Elf on the Shelf this Christmas. The reasons are not to turn children into little angels.

A look on Pinterest for Elf on the Shelf ideas and you will be swamped with boards of all sorts of shenanigans elves get up to around the world at this time of year.


As much as there is a love and excitement for the concept of Elf on the Shelf, there are many who have disdain for what they describe as creepy stuffed toys.

Of course there are many who like the Elf on the Shelf concept for its coercion properties, to prompt good behaviour out of children because the elves are here spying for Santa and reporting back to him each evening.

We have no interest in the coercion properties of an elf. For us it’s all ¬†about whimsy, magic and letting kids be kids for as long as possible.

Our children are all under eight years old at present, with Cohen wanting to seek belief in the magic of Santa to prove to his friends that he exists. Apparently there are rumors going around that he isn’t real and that parents do it all.

Children are growing up in a world these days where they are being bombarded with more than they should before their young minds are ready. Many parents cry that children are losing their innocence too soon and that they know too much.

Christmas is about belief and family whether you hold a religious view or not, with many saying it’s a special time of year for children.

Ben and I are all for our children having a slow childhood and having time to be just be as kids with their imaginations and their belief in anything being possible. As parents we believe it’s our job to do all the hard work of sheltering them from this crazy world.

So if that means making them see, feel and believe in magic and the whimsy of the season so their minds and ideas can float free not boxed in by realities we will do whatever it takes.

Our Elf will join us to help us prepare for Christmas, he will report to Santa what we are doing to get ready and how much Christmas spirit we have. He will tell Santa about the craft we are doing, the songs we are singing, the decorating we are doing and the love and tradition we have in our home.

Santa won’t need to know about the “naughty” moments the kids have, because Santa knows kids are kids and they are still growing and learning about the world. Santa knows as a family we can take care of those moments.

In our home Santa is real, he is magic and delivers fun and kindness wherever he goes. We are therefore thrilled that he is finally sending us one of his hard working Elves to us this year to have fun with us and fill our home with magic and laughter.



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