It’s official tomorrow is the 1st of December here in Australia. Which means it’s generally acceptable by most people to start talking about all things Christmas. Since I’m now allowed to say the “C” word I’m going to tell you all about why I love blogging around Christmas and what’s coming up here on the blog.


First thing I want to share is this year I have had a lot of change and growth both personally and professionally. As a result I have not posted as frequently here on the blog. The only reason for this has been to give full and focused energy to my personal growth.

But now I’m anchored again and it’s now time for celebration and fun. What better time of year is there to celebrate and have fun than Christmas. It’s a special time of year to have some fun and whimsy and touch others with kindness.

So with it being the festive season it’s a great, yet convenient excuse for me to be getting back into the swing of things. I’m excited to for this years festivities and I’m even more excited for projects in 2017 I want to share with you.

December has always been a favourite time of year for me for blogging. Mostpeople are looking for a bit of fun and escape from a busy year with what their reading and consuming online. So I’ve popped in today because I want to share with you the reasons I love connecting with all of you at this time of year (and all year round for that matter) what I love sharing, what’s coming up and MORE!

Reason #1

  • Christmas is about many things like family, tradition and nostalgia and I know if you connect with me here or elsewhere you also get excited by the magic and connection with those dear to you.

The kids finish school next week, so the Christmas crafts, baking and our special family traditions really start to kick in. I have a cracker of a Christmas DIY post coming up.

HINT: “Cracker” and the post is going to be “HUGE”.

Reason #2

  • There are parties and there are gatherings and excuses for dressing up (not that I need excuses).

I know if you’re dropping in here or elsewhere, that you don’t mind a bit of swooning over style and getting ideas, tips and inspiration. I love having my kids home on school holidays and how Sarah gets into the full swing of things with her unique style. I’m so passionate about supporting my kids unique styles and letting them express themselves, so I’m sure there will be some mummy and me Christmas style hitting the blog and elsewhere.

Reason #3

  • I love people and I love helping.

I’m just a people person, I love connecting and sharing stories, learning more about others and sharing myself too. But I also find great joy in helping and supporting others if they are facing challenges at this time of year. Challenges vary from being stuck with what to buy a vintage loving friend or family member. Perhaps you’re not sure what to wear for the work Christmas party or Christmas dinner.

But I know there are bigger challenges and hurdles out there for others navigating the festive season through illness, loss or supporting loved ones with additional needs. I’ve got some of those concerns covered for you.

There are so many more reasons I love this time of year and to be sharing, blogging, connecting and just having fun. But I think those are three pretty meaningful and fun reasons I’ve shared today to kick things of don’t you think?

I look forward to sharing the festive season with you, as you have time to drop in around your own Christmas preparations.

Let the fun begin!



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