I want to be the one to help if you are feeling lost with your personal style and self care. Being a mum to three crazy kids I understand how much it can be a challenge to prioritise self care let alone personal style.

However I know first hand the profound impact making myself a priority and taking time  for self care, and  honouring my personal style has had on my life and my families growth and development.

I have learnt through personal challenges and trauma that taking time for self care has been crucial to my overall well being as an individual and as a parent.

I’ve shared my challenges many times on the blog before, and your most welcomed to learn more about those challenges here and here.

Enough of me though and more about YOU. This is about how I believe, I can help you make time for self care and reclaim your personal style.

A personal stylist can help you audit your wardrobe of pieces that aren’t making you feel GREAT and identify why. A stylist can show you how to dress for your body shape and educate you on the best colours to suit your skin tone and flatter you. They can also hold your hand through the process of shopping for a new wardrobe that is best suited to your needs and personality.



More than the above a session with a personal stylist can:

  • Increase your self acceptance, self confidence and self esteem.
  • Improve your general day to day outlook.
  • Positively impact your children and family.
  • Improve relationships and how you relate to others and vice-versa.
  • Help you dress and style to a budget and so much MORE.

Before the festive season well and truly hits next month and your reflecting on the year that has been. I want you to stop and take a moment to answer this question.

Is it time for you to make yourself a priority?

If your answer is yes, I want you to declare with  intention that 2017 and beyond is the time to honour your needs. Write your intention down somewhere you will see it each day or share your intention with a friend or loved one that has your best interests at heart. Share your intention with me in the comments.

I’d like to help you stay on your “list of priorities”. So I’ll  be here to support you through your journey to reclaiming time for self care whilst walking  you through defining or redefining your personal style.

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Finally if you’re a Gold Coast local I have two awesome offers I’m set to announce this weekend, for in-person Wardrobe Audits and Personal Shopping and Styling Sessions.








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