We are a week post ProBlogger Conference 2016, and there has now been time to reflect upon the moments and knowledge that was shared. This years event was outstanding! We are one week on and these words keep surfacing in my conscious thought: “You’re personality is the ultimate overarching theme. So put it out there.”



Such a great reminder from Emilie of Puttylike who is a successful online entrepreneur and believes you don’t need a niche to succeed in blogging.

As a described multipotentialite, Emilie has proven that sharing her many different interests and creative pursuits to be her strength in her journey to connect with others.

Emilie who was the the closing keynote speaker for this ProBlogger Event shared how you can bring varied interests and passions together under an overarching theme.

I loved hearing this, because I hate being boxed in and categorised and it’s been something I’ve been fighting against in blogging since I started out.

I’m one those people who is creatively passionate about so many things, that I totally identify with Emilie’s approach to what she does, in my own way.

What is My Overarching Theme?

Well the best way I have of explaining it would be in an arty crafty fashion, because that’s what makes me HAPPY.

Hearing Emilie’s explanation of an overarching theme in relation to a blog, instantly struck a cord with me. I’ve been blogging close to seven years and although many pros have said you need to have a niche, I’ve been trying to “smoosh” everything I do together in my online space for all of this time.

Thanks to Emilie I’ve looked at what I do, how it makes me feel, why I started blogging in the first place and what others like about what I do.

I now know that my overarching theme is and has always been HAPPINESS.

I chose to reclaim my HAPPINESS eight years ago after losing our identical twin girls Elle and Meg and everything I have done since has been about what brings happiness, joy and bliss to my world and to others.

In attempt to explain my overarching theme more, I was struck with the desire to be more creative in doing so. Therefore I let out some childhood whimsy and picked up paper and pen and out came HAPPINESS.


It has those old school notebook doodle feels, we all did on our book covers to show our personailty and the things we liked, the bands we followed and the things that meant stuff to us.

This is the stuff that means something to me:

  • Self expression, unique personal style that makes us HAPPY.
  • Self care and living HAPPY.
  • Colourful art and craft that is HAPPY.
  • A HAPPY family life, tradition and connection.
  • Raising a HAPPY autistic child.
  • Embracing differences with HAPPINESS and kindness.
  • Finding HAPPINESS after trauma and loss.
  • Oh and all the vintage things, because we all know those old things make us HAPPY.

For those who have wondered where their space is in this blogging world and whether others want to connect with you. Can I give you some advice? Just write with your personality and your passion and they will come. Blogging will go through seasons and trends where advice will be thrown around like, find a niche.

But one thing that will never go out of style is YOU……being authentically YOU.







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