Do you ever feel overwhelmed with there being so much to do, that trying to prioritise self care seems impossible and anything but simple?

When you consider your to-do list do you feel defeated before you even make a start?

These days, feelings of overwhelm are often associated with being busy and having too many pressures and commitments upon us.


One of the things with the “I’m so busy” treadmill overwhelm is that we unconsciously use it to avoid tackling personal issues.

The paradox of self care is that, if we spent time tackling some of those personal issues, we would feel less overwhelmed in our day to day lives.

How Do We Prioritise Self Care and  Get Off the Overwhelm Treadmill?

Firstly let’s acknowledge that we all experience feelings at some point, of being bogged down in the everyday grind. However the key to taking the first step off the “overwhelm treadmill”, is to regain control over those feelings of overwhelm and adopt better self care strategies, and to do it with intention.


My dear friend Helen Edwards from Recycled Interiors recently shared her thoughts about:

Why NOT being BUSY Can Be Good For You

It’s a great read with five insightful reasons why freeing yourself of the “I’m so busy” treadmill can reward you with positive change and opportunity.

Feelings of overwhelm can come from not knowing where to start in adopting better self care strategies, especially if it has been an extended period of time not prioritising your own needs. Some people may feel that there is lot of self care required, and are confronted with not all things being realistic or achievable right now.

If this you?


Don’t run for the hills, and give up because it’s all too much with too many perceived challenges in the way. Instead I’d like to help you flip that way of thinking around.

It’s a surprisingly simple tip that will help you find a solution in the problem and therefore giving you a starting point for reclaiming your self care.

How can you find a solution in a problem?

What would happen if you flipped your thoughts of being of overwhelmed around and asked yourself this question:

Which task(s) could I start on, that would bring me a feeling of HAPPY in the shortest amount of time?

Suddenly you’re not focused on dwelling on the problem and the real or perceived roadblocks that stand in the way. Rather you become an active participant in finding a solution that suits your current situation and circumstances.

Prioritizing self care is not about vanity and nor does it need to cost you anything. All too often people view self care as a treat or indulgence that needs to be funded by a hefty bank account.

Let’s be realistic though, I’m sure there would be very few people who would say no to a weekly massage and facial, wouldn’t you agree? But who of us has time and the money to fund that every week?

I know I don’t!

However I do have the opportunity for building on my self care through my day to day routines, without it costing the earth or anything at all in some cases. It’s about being realistic about where you can start honouring your self within your current situation and circumstances.

No more waiting for someone to give you extra hours in the day or drop unlimited funds into your bank account. It’s about being part of the solution to your self care and doing it with intention, knowing it will have a profound affect on your well being.

Over coming weeks I will be sharing:

  • Self Care Ideas that are Affordable, Simple and Actionable Today
  • How We All Have Different Preferences to Self Care
  • How I Made Self Care a Priority with Young Children

In the meantime please tell me what your one thing is that you could do that would boost your HAPPINESS in the shortest amount of time?



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3 thoughts on “Prioritise Self Care with One Simple Question

  • September 15, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    what a wonderful post and thank you for sharing mine – such an important thing to do, to remember that life is much more than the destination xx

    • September 16, 2016 at 3:08 am

      Thank you honey. Yes it would seem that many are focused on a destination with their life rather than a journey. At the end of the day if we don’t factor self care into the picture we won’t be able to appreciate the true value of the journey or the destination. x


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