I can tell you the exact moment I became a writer.

It was 1990 and I was standing in front of 150 other hopefuls, when I’d just been announced the winner of the Best Book Award from all of the grade seven students at my school.

In that moment something happened and I knew, no matter what happened in life, I would always be able to write and have something to share.


So as the story goes, life did happen.

I did things.

Saw things.

Experienced things.

Good things, bad things and I suffered heartbreaking things.

The Thing

On the 25th of May 2008, my life and how I lived it changed in a split second when I tragically lost our identical twin girls Elle and Meg a little too early for this world. It was under the most traumatic of circumstances that it happened, and left me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In the darkness that proceeded, my soul knew it needed colour and light to survive, so I asked the midwife to open the curtains so I could see the sunrise on my new life. I knew, I could only find bliss in the pain and grief if I choose to celebrate life rather than be consumed by it.

I didn’t want to be consumed by life and spat back out, so I went seeking joy in childhood fun and interests. I indulged myself in all of the things, I have always loved and that made me happy.

So in that time I crafted things, made things, broke things, found new uses for things, collected things and I wrote things.

When I say I wrote things, I wrote heavy things, the huge heartbreaking big things and then I wrote about me things, everyday things, hopeful things, joyous things and finally real baby boy he’s here mumma sort of things.

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Eight years on from starting my initial blog with three earthbound children (and more trauma in between), I’ve not been consumed by life! I’m consuming it and utterly blessed by the colurful crazy life I have with the three characters I call my children.

These days I live a life in colour, free and comfortable within myself. Fearlessly giving all my crazy, creative, childhood dreams and passions space to run wild.

When I look back to 1990 and that I moment where I knew I would always write, I never imagined that this is how I would do it.  Sitting back and seeing my words and pictures come to life in a slideshow I created using Shoebox Timeline, I feel proud with how far I have come.

What a journey to bliss it has been, and still continues to be everyday beyond the shadows of trauma. I live a life indulged in my childlike world of colour, style, fun and connection. Whilst making positives memories for my beautiful yet crazy earthbound children.

My determination and inspiration for blogging is plain and simple, it’s to be happy beyond what has happened and I do that the best way I know how.

Acknowledgement: this blog post was written as part of a competition sponsored by ProBlogger, Shoebox Timeline and The Good Guys.






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