Do you have a crazy child you worry about who needs to be drinking more water throughout the day?

I do and it’s an ongoing issue and of particular concern coming into the warmer months, when on school days. When she is at home we can prompt and remind her and keep an eye on her consumption.

Over at Healthy Kids it’s recommended that the daily water intake for a child of Sarah’s age be five glasses of water a day, which is around one litre. Healthy Kids has a breakdown of the recommended daily intakes for various age groups as well bunch of other helpful tips and information.

Sarah has an amazing teacher and he has attempted to speak with her about the concerns that come with not drinking enough water, just as we have done. However it hasn’t been until recently we have started to have notable success.

What’s Has Her Drinking More Water?

It’s good old encouragement that has done the trick. Sarah loves a few special and encouraging words said to her and to know her efforts have been noticed.


So with that in mind I had a brain wave recently and thought I would get our Dymo Label Maker out and print off some encouraging words and apply them to a drink bottle for school.

I made sure ::

  • The drink bottle was one where she could see the level of water in it.
  • Then I spaced out the encouraging words down the length of the bottle at decent intervals to get her drinking enough to reach the next encouraging word(s).
  • That I made a big fuss about her drink bottle and how COOL it was. She thought it was super exciting gave me a big hug and said thanks.

What Happened Next?

Just like that she started drinking more water. The result of which has Sarah running to me to constantly boast how much she has had to drink and how close she is to the next encouraging word.

I’m so glad I had this random brain wave and gave this idea a go and that it has worked. Hopefully its idea you can try too, and get results with.

Drink up!

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2 thoughts on “Super Easy Way to Get Your Child Drinking More Water

  • November 1, 2016 at 3:29 am

    This idea is genius! I have been trying to get my son to drink more at school with not much success, he thrives on encouraging words too….. Might be time for me to dig out the label maker and try this out 🙂

    • November 2, 2016 at 1:20 am

      Give it a red hot go it’s worth it. My miss is now coming home and boasting that, I drank all of my water today. Coming into summer, especially here in QLD and having such hot days, I will do anything to try and make sure the kids are drinking.


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