This years 2016 Children’s Book Council Awards have been announced and book week celebrations will run from the 20th of August until the 26th of August.

If you have school aged children I’m sure you haven’t missed the news that book week is on its way, as there has been constant questioning and chatter about book week costumes in our house. Despite frequent questioning from the kids I have everything under control to fulfill their costume requests this year.

I spent an hour this morning putting the finishing touches to the kids costumes and Cohen and Sarah seem thrilled with my efforts and are now excited for the week ahead.

Aside from school book week celebrations, we will also celebrate at home by sharing books and stories from this years shortlist along with a story from one of the category winners as well other titles that made the honors list.

It’s a great time to run with the kids excitement whilst they’re anticipating book week celebrations at school, as they’re even more receptive to stories and books they haven’t seen and heard before.

So will you be seizing the moment? Will you be celebrating in your own special way at home?


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