Oh gosh how I love colour, it truly brightens my day and how I feel and when it comes to my personal style and wardrobe colour and pattern dominate whether it be vintage or not, I always, always have colour and pattern to play with.

I op shopped this simple long t-shirt dress in aqua last week mainly because it is an easy wear for lounging around at home with the kids. It’s certainly not a colour I wear a lot of nor is a go to preference but it is a colour I love teamed with other colours, so this is a dress that will serve me well as a base for layering with other pieces and for $2 why not?

Teamed with my thrifted cobalt blue pleat top, denim vest and my lovely thrifty find of the chest plate necklace (thrifted last year) which has complimentary colours to my outfit, I feel colourful, bright, happy and put together with very little effort.

Why am I talking about loving colour again? I know I do it a lot! It’s because it’s one of the things I love and makes me happy when it comes to style and fashion.

Wearing what makes you happy and bright within your spirit is one of the most simple places to start with in defining your own style and using trends as inspirations open to your own interpretation or rejection.

My spirit is brightened by the play of colour, pattern and florals and are the basic elements of what I am attracted to in representing my personal style whether I buy vintage, thrift or retail.

What makes you happy? Do you know what makes happy or do you struggle to answer that question?

Before you even look at a garments size, what are the very basic elements that grab your attention to take a further look regardless if you end up buying it or not? The answers you come up with hold a lot information for unraveling and revealing the basics for helping you find your personal style, even if you find your answers don’t match what your wardrobe currently looks like.

I’d love to hear what it is for you.

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One thought on “Go With What Makes You Happy the Basic Key to Defining Personal Style…..

  • March 16, 2016 at 2:39 am

    Colour, then colour, oh and then colour. Next in line is what is the garment made out of. I have a textural thing. Can't stand the feel of some fabrics.


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