All my children have a mix of vintage, modern and thrifted clothing and accessories in their wardrobe and in the time I have been a parent clothing them has been far less expensive then you would think. In fact in the nearly seven years since Cohen was born I have spent a fraction of what most would think to cloth three children in clothes, shoes and accessories.  I  always accept an offer to look through hand me downs, I shop bargains and I always, ALWAYS look for clothing for them when op shopping.

So I’m going to let you in on what my top four op shop clothing buys for children are that are traditionally pricey items when bought retail.

Denim is durable and lasts especially with rough and tumble kids. Denim children’s items are always in supply at op shops and generally in great condition because of its durability.

My kids always have a base of four to five denim shorts in their drawers. They last longer then cotton or sports shorts and can be worn casually or dressed up. I also nab jeans and denim jackets for the kids each year if I come by them. Jeans and jackets are pieces that will be grown out of far quicker than denim shorts with children. Jeans and jackets will generally become too short in the the legs or arms before shorts become too small in the waist. Hence I would rather pay op shop prices on denim jeans and jackets than retail prices for a piece that will essentially only be worn for a season and be grown out of by next year.

Quality Brand Name Children’s Shoes
Kids and their growing feet, need I say more. If there is one thing I’ve heard a thousand times over about kids and their growing bodies, it is how quickly kids feet grow and how much and how often parents are having to fork out money for new shoes.

When kids are growing so rapidly they can leap shoe sizes in a few short months to our amazement. Hence if you have an eagle eye out when visiting your local op shops it’s very common to find baby and children’s shoes that look almost unworn. If you’re lucky to spy renowned brand names like Clark’s (pictured on the right of above pic), with a reputation of topping reviews over the years for children’s school shoes be sure to grab them quick because some other thrifty parent will if you don’t.

Party Dresses
If you have daughters and they are girly girls who like dresses to twirl in like my daughter, pretty party dresses for special occasions and parties can be expensive. Sure children’s prices aren’t as expensive as women’s retail prices, but when you’re looking at cost per wear on special occasion pieces, it seems crazy to spend a fortune on a stunning little piece for your girl who may only wear it a hand full of times if she is lucky.

Having a daughter who likes dresses and follows in my footsteps somewhat, of making any old day and excuse to dress up, I always have have an eye out when op shopping for pretty special occasion dresses and at op shop prices I can afford for her to have several and wear them for more than just special occasions…….like her just because days.

Knitted Goodies
I am nuts for hand knitted baby and children’s clothing when thrifting and why not they are often unique and made with love and when they have been looked after are a durable cheap investment in children’s winter wardrobes. Knitted baby goods in good condition when thrifted also make for sweet baby gifts for family and friends who have welcomed new bundles of joy to their families.

There is no limit to the types of items and garments I thrift for my children’s wardrobes as I always have my eye out for suitable items for play and fun whilst supporting their own unique style and tastes that they are constantly developing. By avoiding retail when I can with them, it allows me to afford for them the opportunity to experiment and take risks with their style and not crush our budget, clothing our constantly growing and developing children.

2 thoughts on “Top 4 Expensive Children’s Clothing Items To Always Thrift & Save…..

  • March 15, 2016 at 6:00 am

    I got Jarvis a vintage Levi denim jacket with the original tags still on it. Paid $5 (Australian) in an op shop in Japan. Grab that suxer and ran even though it was a size too big.
    I think I have said it before you would love op shopping in Japan sooo cheap especially for things like knitwear.

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