It’s the last day of the school and working week, which means it’s Friday Night Movie Night for us with the kids. I’ve recently shared how this is a significant weekly family tradition for us, as it’s a time to slow down and reconnect after a busy week.

Friday nights we don’t just stop at family movies as way of connecting; as an extension of a our family time each Friday sees kids have a camp out/sleep over in our bedroom. It’s beautiful tradition we have which allows for us to enjoy an evening settling in for the together as a family.

As part of the tradition as the kids settle down we huddle together for a story, sometimes the kids take turns picking the book and other times I choose books from my childhood to share with the kids. Other times we take turns telling stories with someone taking the opening, middle and the end, the latter get a little crazy and funny at times.

In sharing this all of this with you it seems perfect that today being a Friday that it is also: Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

What a perfect excuse today is to take your children on an adventure (in their minds) sharing a lovely old Fairy Tale or having some fun with it and mixing it up with these fun suggestions.

  • Your children might be familiar with many popular fairy tale classics, so why not search out ones they haven’t heard before. This Goodreads list of 80 Best Classic Fairy Tales is handy.
  • Share a favourite fairy tale from your childhood and talk to your children about why you liked it so much. Tell them what it is about the story that you wanted to share with them most.
  • Tell a Mash Up Fairy Tale, each choose a different character from a fairy tale and tell a story verbally taking turns with someone taking a section (beginning, middle or end) of the story to bring your chosen character into.  How crazy can get your story get?
Fairy Tales a traditionally steeped on folklore and tradition often with whimsy of fantasy characters such as fairies, dwarves, trolls, gnomes, mermaids and witches. They are stories that over the generations that have been read and told over and over with many changing character and plot elements over time.
What a wonderful opportinity there is for you start something special with your little ones.

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