Last night after I had my mummy time with each of the kids where I settle them into bed, I went to check on Sarah one more time before she drifted off to sleep.

Sensing I was there, she opened her eyes.

Sarah: “What is it mummy?”.

Me: “I just wanted to come in and check on you one more time as my four year old girl, because tomorrow it’s your birthday and you’ll be five. I’m going to miss my four year old, but tomorrow it’s okay you’ll be a BIG five year old and I’m going to love that too.”

Sarah: “Awww. Yeah! And while I’m sleeping tonight mummy my body might stretch out and I will be so big in the morning.”

Me: “Yep anything is possible.”

Sarah: “It’s going to happen mum, really it is!”

Me: “Time to go sleep now honey, I love you, see you in the morning when it’s your birthdayyyyy”

It was such a sweet exchange to have with her, she has an incredible softness and belief in things she can not see or prove. It is a magical quality in her, and I use the word magic because often magic can’t be seen or proven but we still continue to believe.

Why do we continue to believe? Because with the belief of magic, anything is possible and things are good. What an incredible time and space to live in, especially in ones childhood. Wouldn’t you like to live in the space as a grown up too?

This morning I checked in on Sarah who was sitting on her bed (she has a midi sleeper, which has storage and a desk underneath). I went into her room and she sounded a little groggy and thought that the the boys may have woken her with the morning antics.

Me: “Are you okay babe?”

Sarah: “I’m fine, I’m just waking up from a wonderful sleep. I slept all night.” (she has always had sleep issues).

Me: “Come here baby, stand here (on the top of the stairs of her midi sleeper). Oh my goodness it’s your birthday and look at you, you’re bigger! You’re bigger than me, you stretched out over night. Wow!”

Sarah: “Mum, it’s because I’m standing here (on the top of the stairs).

Me: “Geez hun look at you, you’re so big I think your the biggest five year old in the world.”

Sarah: “I have been waiting for this for a long time.”

Me: (laughing)

Sarah: “No, really I have mum.”

Me: “Happy Birthday baby I love you so much.”

We head to the lounge room and wait for us all to be together to watch her open her presents. Cohen goes first and presents her with a handmade gift he has openly been speaking with her about making for over a month.

As promised he has made her a necklace with things from nature with the centrepiece of the necklace being echidna quills together with beads from collected dead branches near our home that we cut down to size and had holes drilled threw. Sarah gushes and takes her time admiring and handling it gently. She looks at Cohen and leaps on him.

Sarah: “Thank you Cohen that’s so beautiful.”

Cohen: “That’s okay, happy birthday, mummy helped me.”

I like call the help I gave him, making anything possible. Sarah proceeds to open her presents from us a craft pot plant of a cat’s head that she can paint, complete with seeds and soil for planting. Then finally she unwraps her last gift, a fairy door, fairy furniture and other “magical” fairy bits and bobs with grass (fake grass) to create a welcoming for fairies into her room. There was beautiful sighs of amazement and delight.

Sarah: “Is this for real live fairies?”

Me: “Of course.”

Sarah: “Wow, I can’t believe it.”

She continues to investigate every little piece in the collection of bits and bobs, which include a treasure chest with a tiny little bag and in that tiny little bag is fairy dust and she squeals in further delight.

Sarah: “Mum, I’m going to sprinkle this on me and fly this morning.”

I don’t say yes and I don’t say no, I just give her a returned look of joy and excitement and then she turns back to investigating her gift.

There is a time and place when we may find it necessary for our children to know the truth of what is make believe or reality. But given we live in a time where our world and societies move at such a quick pace, that we see our children being thrusted into learning and experiencing things well beyond their years, I’m one for embracing childhood and the innocence and magic that goes with make believe.

In the make believe worlds and beliefs our children create they do so for their own safe keeping, they visiting other realms and places in their minds, they share stories, laughs and secrets. It’s where dreams of who they want to be one day (although they grow and it changes) begin.

I adore having a childhood with my children as their parent. It’s true when they say that your children will teach you so much more than you will ever teach them. What a privilege it is that we have these children at this time in their lives, where they really believe that anything is possible. Because really in us embracing their innocence and the magic of it all, we as parents are given a chance to believe again ourselves. Think about that!!!!

Sarah there is something so magic about you, that has me drowned in who you are with love…..I believe in you.

Happy Birthday Chookie.
Love Your PeeWee.

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  • February 17, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Sarah is such a sweet girl, this is a beautiful post about the relationship between a mother and daughter . Beautiful X Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah.


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