Two weekends ago we were out and about on our first big weekend road trip of the year to one of Queensland’s biggest annual swap meets.

Because it’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a round up of vintage finds, I thought I would share some unearthed treasures that made there way back here, after getting many people checking in with me social media asking how the Toowoomba Swap Meet was.
I’m always excited to head out Toowoomba each year for the annual swap meet which is one of the biggest held in Queensland taking up the entire expanse, grounds and pavilions of the Toowoomba Show Grounds (see aerial pic below). With approximately 1800 vendors and stall holders trading at the swap, it’s no surprise the swap attracts tens of thousands of people through the turnstiles each year.

A day or weekend at the swap meet or any road trip for that matter is certainly something you want to do with some pre-planning with so much ground to cover not to mention contending with traffic and wait times to get a park and then to get through the turnstiles. You need to be committed and patient, but regardless it’s a fun day and an experience well worth the craziness of it all.
We go as a whole family unit generally, packing drinks and lunches, and taking a buggy and trolley to help lug our finds around (as there is a LOT of walking and ground to cover) which also allows for the kids to take turns having a rest from all the walking. At the swap meet there truly is something for everyone to take an interest in, so the advice is to have your eagle eye out every which way you turn.
Rather than go snap happy with every thing that made it’s way back here, below are some of my most favourite finds of from the swap, all of these will be making their way to our Etsy Store or upcoming Fairs. 

Two rare 1960’s Perfecta Walking Yes No Dolls are one of most favourite finds from the swap. If you’re not familiar with these dolls they have a button on their front and back which when pressed can make their heads nod or shake side to side. They also have a walking action when you hold their hand and progress them forward. I will be taming their hair and cleaning them up a wee bit before they head to Etsy.

More collectible Gempo figures will be available soon, another fave find from the swap. I love Gempo pieces and the texture and glazes…….I’m becoming quite more and more fond of tempo pottery. 

Tin, tin, tin……I always have a lot of interest and requests for anything tin on Etsy and at Fairs whether it be tin toys, collectible tins, old water paint tin palettes and more.

These are just some of my most favourite finds from the swap, but I have more other sweet finds and little curious to share, show and list so keep an eye out if you want to have peek.
Finally I should mention that the kids also got firmly into the action of scoping out treasures and I have to say that Cohen is becoming quite astute at negotiating a bargain and playing hardball. The cheeky thing scored this lovely vintage magnifying glass from a vendor who’s father once owned it.

What did he pay for it?

Pocket change that’s what, 50 cents…..and here he is giving it a test run and giving our finds a going over as I started unpacking our finds from the swap meet. 

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