Today is the final day of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria.

With today being Valentines Day it’s quite fitting to say that I have LOVED taking part in this challenge with Erica from Recycled Fashion.
I love pulling together my outfits each and every day regardless of being on a style challenge. But the #newyearnewstyle challenge has certainly made me think about making the most of what you’ve got, when you’re taken down to ten clothing items for fourteen days. It really takes the distractions away and focuses your attentions on the possibilities there are with only what you have on hand.
Here I am Day 14 of 14.

Wearing: Yellow Cotton Tank Maxi Dress & Blue Pleat Singlet Top both previously thrifted.
Accessories: French Silk Scarf worn as a head scarf & Necklace (thrifted)
We never religiously celebrate Valentines Day, because we have so many other days of the year that we show each other love and appreciation for one another in caring ways. So today is a family day for us but if by chance the offer for the kids to be looked after for a few hours was to come by our way later, we would certainly make the most of the opportunity.
The afternoon is still young enough that anything could happen and in that case I’m dressed for anything.

One thought on “Day 14 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria…..

  • February 15, 2016 at 10:32 am

    I am so glad you took part in the challenge. I looked forward to seeing your outfits each day, you did good!


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