Woohoo it’s the weekend, we made it and hopefully you’re relaxing and enjoying some down time. I certainly am, after celebrating my father in-laws 70th birthday last night, champagne and wine flowed and whilst there are no sore heads here there are weary tired ones.  So there’s a lot of quiet and stillness going on with the kids playing with Lego and play-dough whilst periodically watching our new fish in their tank.

Today’s combination is pretty relaxed and although you saw me don the denim skirt and polka dot tee earlier this week, I changed it up a little today and popped on the waistcoat.  What you can’t see in the photos is that this waistcoat has a very fine red thread that runs through it, hence my accessorising and picking up that colour in my beads and Erstwilder pendant.

So here I am Day 13 of 14.

Wearing: Denim skirt, polka dot tee & vest all previously thrifted.
Accessories: Beads (thrifted) & Erstwilder Bird Pendent (gifted from Ben).

Tomorrow is the final day of the challenge and the day of love, I don’t have any red clothing items in my ten garments from this challenge so I’ll be coming up with something from the my ten pieces I’ve been wearing over the last two weeks which I hope well be lovely enough for such a day.

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