We’re on the home stretch of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria. It’s been a lot of fun joining in with Erica from Recycled Fashion.

Let me tell you about today’s outfit combination. I have had a very intense morning and when I say intense it’s not been in an enjoyable way. To save you the details (of which are epic) let’s just say when it came to getting dressed this morning, I literally grabbed two items from my ten pieces from this challenge and threw them on.

Thank goodness the combination works and is light and floaty whilst I try to calm and distract myself from a very full on morning.

So here I am Day 12 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Maxi Wrap Skirt and Pleat Singlet Top previously thrifted.
Accessories: none today, it was simply get dressed and get on with things this morning.

Thank goodness it’s Friday and we have plans tonight celebrating my father in laws birthday, so there will be some serious unwinding this evening happening over a few glasses of wine on my brother and sister in-laws deck. I’ll pop on some accessories for tonight to perk things up too.

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