There are three days left in the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria.

I’m surprised by how easy I have actually found the challenge with only ten clothing pieces to choose from and style over fourteen days. Some would think that the limited choice and options would be cause for the repeat of outfit combinations. But I daresay I could go for a few days more beyond the challenges end date with some interesting and stylish combinations.

Here I am Day 11 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Summer Maxi Dress with Slogan Tee previously thrifted.
Accessories: Head Scarf thrifted and all jewelery has been previously thrifted of gifted by loved ones.

With the challenge ending on Valentines Day, I’ve got my thinking cap on to come up with a styling combination that could go from a day with the kids to dinner with Ben.

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