I said it yesterday that this #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion was making me focus on finding creative styling combinations to keep me interested.

Well today I’ve pulled an old trick of mine out of the bag to really mix things up. Today I have taken my ditsy print maxi wrap skirt and styled it into an unconventional strapless wrap dress and cinched it all in at the waist with yet another trusty thrifted belt from my collection.

In my earlier twenties I used to wear skirts as strapless dresses and tunics all the time back in party girl days. I’d always have girls commenting on my lovely tops and dresses and asking where I got them from, and they’d be amazed when I said it was a skirt and I had thought to do that. This was long before the popularity of fashion bloggers and copying street styles and trends. It was something I did to give myself more options and have my wardrobe pull double duty to avoid shopping for new fun pieces…..for another night out on the town.

Let’s face it most of us back in our party days, liked to wear something new or different if we were heading out regularly.

So here I am Day 10 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Wrap Maxi Skirt & Vest from my 10 selected items for 14 days.
Accessories: Hat (car boot sale), Belt, Shoes and Beads (thrifted)

I’ll say it again, that I have been having so much fun with this styling challenge that I’m even finding hard to pick a favourite combination so far.  There’s style four days to go, so who knows what combinations I will come up with.

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