Sequin sparkly dots on polka dots, why not?

As we move further into the second week of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion, I’m having to get more creative with my outfit combinations as I like to have something different to keep my interest going.

In other words the challenge is forcing me to look at my ten selected items and put combinations together that I haven’t previously seen potential for, possibly due to having so many options to choose from in my everyday wardrobe when not on this style challenge.

So here we are Day 9 of 14.

Wearing: Denim Skirt, Polka Dot Tee, Sparkly Midi Top & Vest all previously thrifted.
Accessories: Red Beads and 4U Mum Heart Pin previously thrifted.

On day one of the challenge I expressed how in pulling together my ten selected items it was important for me to have patterns, colour and a bit of sparkle for fun. I thought the sequin midi top may have been a risky move as one of my ten pieces. But this awesome midi top has proven to be just as versatile as what some may call a “basic safe” piece to be……it’s taking outfits to the next level of fun and interest for me.

A basic polka dot tee worn with the denim skirt would have been too plain for me, layering up with the sequins and the vest and accessories I have to say, I’d happily wear this outfit all day with flats and spice it up to head out tonight with heels if I had plans and somewhere to go tonight……so I’ll just dazzle it after school pick up a little more.

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