The school year finally started for the kids on Wednesday, but I’m already saying TGIF.

I love having the kids home on school holidays, even when the summer holidays start to get a bit long and weary towards the end of those six weeks. The last week to ten days has it’s moments but I still love having them home and soon as school goes back I miss seeing them and all the extra cuddles, kisses and craziness.

So when holidays end and normal daily life and routines resume, I look forward to the end of the school and working week and for Friday to arrive, because it marks a special day in our family.

Every Friday night we have a family tradition we like to call:

It means once everyone is home from school, family day care and work it’s our time to be together as a family without home work and mid week running around to do. The lounge room is made all cozy with blankets, doonas, pillows and cushions and an easy dinner is arranged for a picnic on the lounge room floor. Then it happens, the opening credits of a family friendly movie start to roll.

This family tradition of ours was born a little over two years ago when Cohen was asking his dad and I what kind of movies and shows we watched as kids. Of course we told him of all the childhood greats we enjoyed, which lead to him asking if he could watch any of the movies and shows we watched.

 It’s wonderful bonding and sharing parts of our childhood with our children, the kids get to understand more about who their mum and dad are and what we were like as kids. It’s beautiful to see them take an interest in the story lines and characters we have adored as kids and for them to fall in love with some of them too.

But Friday Night Movie Nights aren’t all about us reliving our own childhoods we mix it up and the kids and us all take turns in choosing movies, so everything from new releases to old children’s classics get a viewing here.

The most beautiful thing of all with our Friday Night Movie Night’s is that it developed from a conversation about two years ago into a Friday night routine, and in time it became a family tradition. Every Friday night is the same and it’s something that is important to every member in our family and is anticipated every week.

Sometimes we share our Friday Night Movie Night with others and if friends have been trying to plan a catch up, we invite them over for our relaxed Friday Night Movie Night with BYO pillow and snugly things. It’s our thing, it’s our family thing, it’s what we do and for our friends children who have joined us on occasion, we are always told they enjoyed it so much and want to do it again. It’s a beautiful thing to hear about our family tradition and that it’s been enjoyed by others.

Family routines and traditions especially those that happen on a daily or weekly basis, help give a calm and consistency to home life that children and adults alike can find comfort in. Having sacred things that your family share reaffirms that family is important whilst affirming your bond and connection to one another. Children especially find great emotional security in being able to expect and rely on these moments.

Do you have a family tradition that brings you and your family/friends together each week. Maybe it is a regular Sunday lunch or a games night. Please share what you and or your family do, as I’d love to hear what brings others together. 

One thought on “Family Tradition of Friday Night Movie Night…..

  • January 30, 2016 at 11:24 am

    I love that your friends join in too, that's awesome! Do you download your movies, or do you watch DVDs and/or videos?

    We don't really have any traditions, I think the closest we come is birthdays. Everybody finds a way to be home on birthdays 🙂


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