I think it’s fair to say that most book lovers and avid readers have certain books on their shelves that they will just never part with. But in turn always have loads of books that are good reads that aren’t necessarily keepers and as a result are often held on to, because they can’t bare the thought of seeing books being wasted or destroyed.

Of course you can always donate books to op shops but I’ve certainly seen over the years that some op shops are reluctant to take too many books on in one hit, and I’ve even been told by some volunteers over the years (in hush tones), about the amount of books that get thrown out.

However if you are a book lover or avid reader and are always on the hunt for another good read, why not consider checking your local directories for specific second hand, rare, antique and collectible book shops. Many major cities have them, but they’re not often largely advertised and are somewhat of a sub-culture these days as people are keen to connect back to what they’re reading through the turning of pages and not a swipe of finger on a tablet.

Most used book stores trade in everything from current/modern used books right through to rare, antique and collectible books. As a way of serving their customer base and inventory they usually have a credit system in place, where you can take in your used books which you can earn credit for in their store(s). Each shop and book store owner will have their own credit system in place for valuing and determining how much store credit you will receive and some books stores will even pay cash for very rare books, so make your enquires.

Great Ways to Utilise Used Book Store Credit

  • If you’re an avid reader use the system to feed your passion, it’ll be kinder to your budget than buying new and can be even cheaper than ebooks in some cases, depending on what you like to read.
  • Use store credit and shop employees knowledge (which is often vast) to help you track down those books that you’ve long heard about but have been struggling to come by for years…….my favourite store on the Gold Coast has close to half a millions books.
  • If you have collections or sets that are incomplete this is a great way to completing them. 
  • Put store credit towards purchasing your favourite book from your childhood if you no longer have it.
  • Use your store credit towards purchasing first editions of your favourite books or authors/illustrators….something I’ve done recently.
A few weeks ago I dropped a load of books into my favourite (and the Gold Coast’s best) second hand, rare, antique and collectible book shop and earned myself a healthy store credit. With my love for vintage children’s books I was thrilled to scan the shelves of this wonderful two story book store for some of my and our family favourite authors and illustrators. 
I gushed over early editions of Anne of Green Gables, Enid Blyton’s and books illustrated by my favourite Lucie Mabel Attwell. I finally settled upon purchasing a UK 1970 1st Edition Dr. Seuss of I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! We are all big fans of Dr. Seuss here and his stories have helped Cohen have a greater desire to read, so it’s a special one to have and add to our personal collection of keepers.

Get yourself some keepers or a good new reads and get those books you’re happy to part with into your local second hand book shop and see if they have a store credit system you can take advantage of.

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