Do you remember that feeling when as a kid you would push your legs out and lock them back on the playground swings over and over again so you could go higher and higher. You’d get to the point where you’d reach the limit and the chains on the swing jerked and wobbled a bit.

In that moment at the peak of how high you could go, you felt on top of the world, the wind blowing in your face and you couldn’t help but feel happy and free, like anything was possible, like leaping from the swing and landing on your feet like an Olympian.

These summer holidays I’ve been attempting to live out the fun with the kids, like I’m having a second childhood. I guarantee you that it’s easy to turn a difficult day to a good one by taking your grown up self out and let yourself feel like a kid again.

So if you’re feeling like you need to let loose and get in touch with your inner child, here is a list of 24 Old School Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again, give one, some or all of them a go. These suggestions are graurantteed to make you see another perspective to anything that is troubling you or help you free the mind into a more liberated creative space.

  1. Blow a bottle of bubbles until they run out, bonus points if you giggle and chase after bubbles to pop them.
  2. Draw with chalk on the concrete or sidewalk, stick figures are totally ok.
  3. Go the park and swing high on the swing, and if you’re brave let go and jump it’s freeing.
  4. Grab a colouring book, time with pencils will calm you and if you want to colour out of the lines in crazy colour combinations do it, let your heart lead you.
  5. Build a cubby house and hang out.
  6. Have a sleep over night with your child/children, bonus points if you indulge in a midnight feast.
  7. Play marbles.
  8. Play hand clapping games like when you were at school.
  9. Play hopscotch.
  10. Go to sleep listening to the radio
  11. Have a water balloon fight.
  12. Play hide and seek with your kids.
  13. Play elastics
  14. Grab a skipping rope and get skipping, bonus points if you can get others involved and you do a bit of double dutch action.
  15. Play in mud, jump in puddles and dance in the rain.
  16. Do a dive bomb into the swimming pool.
  17. What about some good old slip and slide fun.
  18. Take a bike ride around where you grew up.
  19. Read your favourite from when you were a kid…….I loved reading Anne Of Green Gables.
  20. Find an open grassy field and spin around and around until your dizzy.
  21. Find a grassy slope and roll on down like a big sausage. 
  22. Climb a tree and hang out there for a while watching the world go by.
  23. What do you see in the clouds? That one there looks like a dragon! Lay back and watch the clouds float on by and see what you can see.
  24. Have someone tuck you into bed like mum used to and read to you.
I bet you’re feeling a little bit like a kid right now just reading that list and being reminded of some wonderful childhood memories. Let yourself free to feel like a kid again and feel the weight of worries lift by having a mental escape and a change of perspective. 

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