Anytime that Ben is on annual leave is extra special especially when it’s over the Christmas and New Year break because our whole family of five are together for a solid amount of time with no school or work schedules.

No schedules means that there are more opportunities for spontaneous adventures and day tripping. Like last Saturday when we had a leisurely morning at home having breakfast, watching movies, pottering and playing with Lego, when I randomly asked out loud what we were going to do with the rest of our day.
Suggestions were thrown around and a few standard suggestions were rejected, and then there was success, we agreed to head to an area of the Gold Coast that we have spent very little time investigating. Seems crazy for me to say that considering I am pretty much born and bred here. 

The area I’m speaking of is Beechmont. Now I don’t know if you are familiar with the Gold Coast, but being a local we have spent a lot of time in the Gold Coast Hinterland and surrounding areas, mainly Mount Tamborine, Canungra and Springbrook. However the only time we have visited Beechmont was on an occasion Ben and I were working and were on mission to photograph a wedding (Ben used to photograph weddings and I’d assist him and more often then not the bride and bridesmaids as well with various wedding day dramas). So even though we’ve spent plenty of time enjoying our Gold Coast Hinterland, we haven’t stopped to really enjoy Beechmont.

So our adventuring last Sunday was wonderful. How can it not be when you stop and take in views like you see above?  I would be utterly content to live in a place like this until my very last days. It’s what my heart yearns for…..maybe one day it will be a reality.
We drove and took in scenery and stopped to watch paraglider and hang glider pilots take off and soar in the sky. We stopped and enjoyed icy poles and more scenery, saw farm animals and homes that looked like castles.

Whilst venturing back towards home we stopped at Hinze Dam for lunch and snacks, and walked a little. It turned out to be a beautiful unexpected day with the sights we came across and it didn’t cost us anything other than a few dollars for some icy poles for the kids.

What I wore: Thrifted Denim Skirt & Sandals, Hat, Camisole: bought on clearance at Kmart with a gift card I was given.

We created memories and took time with each other and let the world go by around us. This is what holidays are all about, each other, our bonds and the moments.

Are you making memories and being spontaneous these holidays?

P.S: For the longest time Wednesday’s on the blog have been a day that I have shared a style post for the week. I love sharing my style and various outfits, but I often want to share other things as well. So I’m making a slight change to Wednesday and they will now be what I’m calling “Life & Style” posts. It will allow me to share other life and style stories and elements that are of interest or things I have been pondering. 

3 thoughts on “Thrifty & Spontaneous Holiday Day Tripping…..

  • January 5, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    Happy New Year dear Trudie. I have never been to Beechmont and it does look beautiful. The gold and Sunshine Coast hinterlands are just beautiful so I might go for a drive there one day xx

  • January 6, 2016 at 11:16 am

    I've loved Beechmont for ever so long. That place where the paragliders jump off is just magical. I've only been once to Hinze Dam so it might be time to revisit. It's so wonderful to see you out adventuring �� xx

  • January 14, 2016 at 2:06 am

    These are some of our favourite spots to visit, I even included them in a hidden gems post I wrote for More Gold Coast! xx


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