One of the extra surprising joys of it be the summer school holidays and having the kids home, is that there is so much more time for arts and crafts. I get to do so many more projects myself as well, because the kids and I are able to work alongside each other on various things.

A few weeks before the end of the school year last year on you might have seen me share some story stones I was working on for the kids on Instagram if we’re with each other there. I had been doing them in secret and had plans of gifting the kids a set each for Christmas, but I simply forgot about finishing them off among all the other pre-Christmas duties.

So instead I pulled them out after Christmas to share with the kids what I had been working on and from that we had an arty crafty morning, where they did their thing and I did mine creating more Story Stones.  If you’re not sure what Story Stones are, they’re a tool for boosting children’s creativity, they can assist children in making up stories and developing characters and plots, they are also fantastic in supporting imaginative play as well.

My kids always love collecting things from nature when we take walks so they were thrilled with the story stones and when I let them at them they automatically started lining them up in various play scenes, which quickly developed into play story lines. It’s so easy to see how that could lead to incidentally assisting them with written story creation and development to support them with their school work.

Knowing my kids would respond well to the story stones, months ago I also thought it would be fun to mix things up and I also did some “puzzle style” story stones. In most cases I used three stones for head, body and legs to make up various characters. Of course it’s an open ended type of concept where the kids can swap and change them around to have characters appear in different ways. Sarah in particular was very intrigued with creating different people and characters.

It’s so much fun having the chance to work on more of these alongside the kids and to be getting suggestions and feedback from them. Not to mention allowing me time to get back in touch with my artistic side. I’m always drawn to arts and crafts where something can be achieved in a small amount of time.

The great thing about the Story and Puzzle Stones is that it is such an inexpensive art and craft idea. All you need are smooth stones (thankfully we have countless stones around our home), acrylic paints and a permanent marker and you’re good to go. Drawings can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, so there is no need to worry that you aren’t a arty or crafty type.

If you like the idea and would like to try it yourself but are having arty and crafty self doubt. Just remember, in the eyes of your kids you’re awesome at everything you do for them, they will think your drawings/painting are excellent. You’ve got nothing to lose as this is such a thrifty idea that you can add to on a regular basis.

Oh and one last thing if you really want to, you can seal your stones once you have painted them with a clear vanish, otherwise it’s up to you.

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