Coming into October of last year I was feeling frustrated with myself and what I wasn’t achieving regarding working on My Vintage Childhood and other projects. Somewhere in the mix of the everyday, taking care of the kids and the various things that involves, appointments and more I lost control over things. My to do lists where long and depressing!

I have had a love hate relationship with to do lists over the years, where I’ve often get caught up and dragged down with the lengthy list of things that need attention. When juggling time to fit everything in, at different times depressed with “to do” lists I’d question how I would be able to do everything and maintain motivation to do so.
But not being someone who likes to sit in frustration for long I tried to take a look at our life and routines and regain some control of my time to work and create. Then I had a brainwave, if I find “to do” lists a drag why not throw the idea out the window and find another answer, and that I did.

So my endless “to do” list was thrown out the window and I set about documenting “what I did do” each day. I grabbed myself a notebook wrote the date for each day and created a title for each day that said:
What I did do…..
Each day I listed all the things I did big or small that contributed to my overall plans and goals. From answering emails, packing parcels, going to the post office, writing blog posts, research, edited photos and more, I surprised myself with how much I am actually doing everyday and how different everyday is too. 
What I found from taking the focus of my negative hang up about “to do” lists and focusing positively on “what I did do” each day, wonderful things started to happen. By freeing myself of my hang up with “to do” lists, I quickly found I was achieving more then I have previously. My “what I did do” list made me happy and along with that came even more creativity and ideas, which was an incredibly exciting bonus after feeling lost with my plans and goals for a while.
Through documenting what I was achieving each day in my notebook and the new surge of creativity and brainstorming arriving, I penned new ideas on the bottom of each page as they arrived each day. The simple act of documenting everything allowed for more flood gates to open and before I knew it within two weeks well over 150 blog post ideas and projects were brainstormed, new business concepts and ideas to try came to me and more, and it continues to happen every day.
I wanted to share this experience with you all as there is no doubt there are others who would feel bogged down by “to lists” and find them a drag and depressing like I do……I can’t be the only one. If you’re anything like me, with a “to do” list hate, you desperately want to achieve the things on that list but you want to be inspired to do so in a positive way with great results.
It’s been three months since having my brainwave to keep a “What I did do” list and I have found it such an inspiring process for me personally and professionally. I will be continuing with my focus on a “what I did do” notebook in 2016 and beyond and hope it is something I can assist others with this year if they are finding motivation and inspiration hard.

2 thoughts on “Improve Productivity &Throw Your To-Do List Out the Window & Try a What I Did Do List……

  • January 1, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Sweet! You are always one step ahead of me (and also one day ahead of me, hehe!). I like your "what I did do list" idea, so I am going to try it for at least the month of January. If it works for me, I will try to keep it all year. Since I never make "to do" lists or even shopping lists, this list thing may be a challenge. But I am willing to try. I am sure it will motivate me to do more, just to be able to fill up a list. Thanks for being a fun blog friend as well as Instagram follower. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  • January 2, 2016 at 11:53 am

    Thanks Linda. Give it a go. More and more I've avoided to-do list because of how they've made me. Getting on with things and documenting it seriously has shown what I am achieving and has eliminated all the negatives of feeling consumed by a lengthy to-do list. Let me know how you get in with your "what I did do" list. Thank you also for your kind words, your support and words are always lovely. X


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