Ahhh Christmas, the season, the decorating, the spirit, the feeling, I love it. I love it more now than I ever did as a kid and I love it even more so since having children. It’s the joy of sharing traditions and memories with our children and the belief in magic and fantasy.

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy, heartfelt dose and escape with fantasy and magic. I love the whimsy and magic that is created with Christmas decorating and putting up a Christmas tree with twinkling lights and watching my children lay on the floor before slumber, watching flickering lights in relaxed contemplation. 
Our festive decorating and preparations for the coming season and celebrations are full of tradition, whimsy, childhood memories, love and connections.

The deep questions are asked at night as the kids lay and relax watching the lights.
Stockings are hung and ready with invisible thread, the kids had to investigate closely when I told them so. Our clocks show the times for Australia (QLD), London and New York, we have family spread out across the seas. A thrifed Santa helps light our lounge room nights.
Our tree holds memories and honours of our girls Elle and Meg. A crystal ornament that found it’s way to me and my heart, on a chance and amazing op shop visit. It spoke to my heart and filled me with instant emotion. We have waited for this, waited for the right time and the right keepsake. It’s found us and helps complete our Christmas.
Knock on the door and come on in and straight away you will be greeted with whimsy, kitsch and crocheted carolers. All gifted, thrifted and found. 
The kids tree a place of fun, family, whimsy and children’s decorations.
A tree decorated by the children with their handmade decorations over the years.
Kitschy fun, my Christmas Lamb, how I love your weirdness.
Pretty glasses and Christmas records at the ready.
Feel the love, feel the spirit.

One thought on “‘Tis Christmas and halls are decked….

  • December 10, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    It all looks beautiful. I love Christmas and in my opinion kitsch is great . I just bought about 10 decorations that are similar to the ones I bought in the 1980s. All shoulder pads and big hair … Oh sorry that was me in the 80s ….


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