I come by some beautiful and amazing things in my travels. Not all things make it home with me and not all are for our or my personal use or collections when they do make it home. It would probably surprise many how little I keep for personal enjoyment, preferring to hold out for pieces that really move me.

Sometimes I come by treasures and purchase them with the full intention that they are to be My Vintage Childhood stock, but then I find myself slowly falling in love with pieces and then deciding they need to stay a little while longer with us, or forever.

 Last weekend I came by this pair of kissing (magnetized) bobble head dolls. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever encountered these in real life, having seen them on the interwebs many times before. I had purchased them as stock knowing that someone would adore them and snap them up quick if I listed them or took them to our next fair outing. But the more I’ve handled them and photographed them I’ve fallen in love with them. When I showed Ben and he said he actually really liked them and thought they were cool (we have very different tastes so I was floored he liked them) the deal was done. These sweeties are mine, mine, mine and I think I’d like to add more of these to my collection of one pair at the moment.

And there we have the start of my next innocent collection. If you see these sweet old bobble heads around be sure to let me know, I’m your girl!

One thought on “It’s Love, It’s Vintage Bobble Head Love…..

  • October 25, 2015 at 5:46 am

    They have so much character! I'm not at all surprised you both like them. Can see these fitting into your house nicely.


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