Yesterday was the start of term four with school going back after having two weeks with Cohen on holidays, so we were right back into our normal morning routines. I’ve also had Sarah on holidays and she’s back off kindy tomorrow. With school, kindy and family day care all back into the full swing of things this week, my working weeks will regain some normalcy again until the end of the school year.

It’s always a juggle with trying to run and build a business when it comes around to school holiday time, as I need to find different ways and times for getting things done…..because bottom line is if they’re home they are the priority! They are only little for so long! So with Cohen back to school today and Fraser taking a random early nap, Sarah was my helper in getting some stuff sorted out in my office. I’m still working through a lot of stuff from a recent auction haul which happened during the school holidays, so it was good to get through more of it.

1970s Embroidered Top: Vintage Wishes
1970s Seer Sucker A-line Maxi Skirt (previously seen here): Kittys Vintage Kitsch
Belt: Op Shopped
Silver Bangles: Op Shopped
Barefoot and Pottering!
Sarah is wearing gifted denim shorts from family and a hand me down cotton floral blouse from a friend, to which she included a pink flower bead necklace to.
Sarah wanted stick  close to my side yesterday and was interested to flick through a mountain of books we have had just sorted through from the auction haul. She always asks to be in photos with me if she happens to be home when I’m doing them. She was being a little mellow yesterday but wanted, to be in a photo but she wasn’t going to budge from where you see her. So I just worked with it. Bloggers life huh? This is real life right here, just working with the situation and getting what I need to get done and including my girl in what I’m doing because that’s what she wanted.
It’s always sweet having her little chatter around me when I’m having to get things done. I also wanted to share this picture, because Sarah always likes to talk to all my stock toys, dolls and teddies and show them a little love and kindness when in my office. I don’t let stock toys, dolls and teddies leave my office. So it’s a special little place in here and it’s kind of sweet that whilst they wait for new homes they are not being forgotten and being loved up with little visit from my girl!

3 thoughts on “At Home Style and Working With My Girl…..

  • October 6, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    What a sweet little girl! I love your outfit, especially the peasant blouse. 🙂

  • October 8, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Gorgeous top and maxi skirt, you look great, Trudie. And so does Sarah – yes, that's Real Like blogging for you, kids and all! xxx


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