In the days and weeks leading up to this years ProBlogger conference there was a lot of discussion about what people would be packing and wearing for the weekend. Of course there was no doubt, I would be wearing vintage and thrifted fashion.

I had SO much fun this year with my outfits and as much as I love the way I dress (because it makes me happy), I certainly didn’t expect to make others happy over the weekend, but it’s nice to know that others got a smile out of and enjoyed my colourful and fun combinations.
So here we go my friends grab a cup of tea or better still a glass of wine and enjoy the colourful feast of vintage, thrifty and op shopped fashion ahead not only from myself, but from super awesome Australian bloggers who are rocking out their fun style. I hope you’ll show these guys some love and pop over to their blogs and social media channels and check out how cool and talented they all are.
A 1960’s lace mini cocktail dress for a whole day at #pbevent….why not? This in fact was what I wore on the last day as Ben was coming in to have dinner with me that night to celebrate my birthday the day beforehand. Teamed with yellow tights and suede lace up ankle boots and quirked up with a tape measure brooch made by me…..I felt I took my last day at the conference out with a BANG.
Oh how I wish you could see the full effect of this fabulous outfit I wore to our Friday night SHINE networking party. I wore a late 1960’s lurex dress which I had altered before the conference into a mini with the sleeves taken up and angled in a bit. I teamed the dress with silver wet look tights for an epic look. Let’s just say there may or may not be pictures in someones possession of those wet look legs of mine being licked. Sshhhh what happens at conference, stays at conference…….of course that’s a joke when bloggers around who am I kidding.
Let me just pause for one second and tell you about the amazing Helen Edwards of Recycled Interiors I’m pictured with, my ProBlogger BFF and dear, dear friend. You won’t find anyone else in the Australian blogging community more passionate about recycling, sustainability, vintage, wellness and health than her. She is simply amazing and if you don’t already know who she is (which you should if you attended the conference as she was a speaker) you must pop on over and connect with this precious soul.
The above outfit with the 1970s dress and hobnail knit short sleeve cardigan, was aptly named by others on the weekend as “the lolly legs outfit”, all vintage and all thrifted all the way with bright hot pink legs to show off, I loved it!
And to prove I got a little bit casual over the conference, this is as casual as it got for me with an early registration get together on Thursaday night. I was snapped by Carolyn of Dress Me GC. I wore 1970s Geometric Print Dress, fishnet stockings and flat suede ankle boots, op shopped belt and basic long sleeve tee and tote bought retail (on sale) years ago.
Let’s talk more SHINE fashion fun. This Jasmin Tragas who is responsible for directing the ProBlogger conferences for the last five years. Jasmin is also the manager at Digital Photography School. Jasmin rocked out the SHINE event in fine form with a top previously op shopped years ago for Jasmin’s 40th birthday celebrations. Jasmin totally worked her wardrobe for the weekend, without buying a single piece especially for the conference.
If you’d like to connect with Jasmin more she is @wonderwebby on Twitter and Instagram.
Gold lurex top and clip on earring she scored opshopping for the total sum $10 which was perfect for our SHINE themed Friday night event. Us hardcore vintage loving types love ourselves some lurex Shari.
Shari Says:
I’m not so much into “things” but many of my most prized wares are pre-loved and come with a story. Most of all I’m loving that my kids also enjoy op shop hunts and garage sales. I’m also delighted to pass treasures onto others when I know they too love stories over stores. 
Sarah from Surely Sarah
Sarah Says: 
I ended up wearing an $8 op-shopped dress on day 2! That’s me on the left. One of my fave buys ever.
Sarah for me that’s what it’s about, if a piece makes you feel that elated, that’s working your own style and staying true to that! Way to go! I love maxi dresses!
Writer, Speaker, Appearance Activist and Television Presenter Carly Findlay

Wore: An op-shopped striped top under her jacket to team with an uber cool full skirt with London buses and phone boxes printed on it. I love that she op-shopped her basic element in this outfit to bring it together. Carly I’m in love with that skirt.
Carly Says: In general I wear a lot of op shopped buys, mostly newer stuff, not vintage.
Vintage or thrifted it’s great no matter who we are to be complimented on our wardrobe and style with pieces that bring our individual styles together. If we can do it at thrifty prices it’s even better.
As you can imagine I’m still coming down from an awesome weekend and celebrating my birthday as well. I have so many more awesome, stylish and creative Australian bloggers I want to share with you, but I think it’s time for me to let you go for now. This past week, has truly been an incredible one, to finally connect with some long awaited incredibly talented souls and make new friends. I can’t wait to share more of them with you.
Read more about how this years ProBlogger Conference spoke to my heart, mind and soul HERE!

6 thoughts on “Vintage & Thrifted Style From ProBlogger Conference……

  • August 19, 2015 at 11:04 am

    My pleasure Sarah and thank you, I had so much fun with it all, I hope you did too.

  • August 19, 2015 at 10:04 pm

    Each outfit is perfect/beautiful on you. I can't wait to do a blogger conference one day. Sounds incredibly helpful!

  • August 20, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    We totally do look like twins! You looked amazing, as usual. Loved the cocktail dress! My thrifted "The Shining" outfit on Friday night was a bit of an eyeball-bleeder, but I love being a little left of centre, haha. How funny was Jasmin's whole outfit! I almost walked straight past her, not knowing who she was!


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