There’s a special delight in a rainy day and staying indoors, don’t you think? I love the change of pace indoors, that comes with a rainy day. For me there’s nothing better than a walk down memory lane with our teenage rainy day mixed tapes, playing in the background whilst pottering around the house.
Whilst the many mixed tapes I had in my teens are long gone, I like to paint a picture that reminds us of the painstaking effort involved in putting together those mixed tapes we had in our formative years.
If you were anything like me as a teen you had all sorts of mixed tapes that were hashed together from songs that were copied off the radio and from tapes borrowed from friends. There were mixed tapes scattered throughout the bedroom ready for the different moods, teenage crisis’s and fascinations that struck.
As a teen I had my moody and reflective moments where the music I listened to made me feel I was so much more wise to the world, relationships and everything else.

I think we all thought that, didn’t we?

Now that I’m all grown up I still like those old mixed tape play list feels and some moody reflection. We’ve been having a lot of rainy days recently so it seems quite fitting to revisit this post I wrote last year and add some further reflection to my words.

This is who I’ve been taking a walk down memory lane with:

First up oh my Chris Isaak with Wicked Game. Goodness me. How I thought he was a big hunk of hottness (still do actually). If he wanted to call and sing the phone book to me and these sexy tones, I wouldn’t say no.

Was there any teen in their formative years who didn’t have Come as You Are by Nirvana on a least one mixed tape. It certainly takes me back to nights hanging with friends, no parents around and Nirvana on repeat. There may have been under age drinking involved, but back then we sat around and we talked about all the big and small things we were going through.

I’ve always had a thing for moody and striking women rocks voices and Crissy Amphlett of the Divinyls and her hit Pleasure and Pain never got old with me.

When I hear it now it reminds me of waking in the wee hours of Saturday and Sunday morning and creeping out to the lounge room to watch Rage on Channel 2 before my parents woke. I have never bored of her sound, not then and not now. Rest in peace Crissy you were the best women’s Australian rock voice EVER in my books!

You really can’t be an Aussie kid hashing together a mixed tape back in the 80’s and 90’s and not have the brilliance of INSX and Never Tear Us Apart and moody saxaphone solos to make you feel things. Rest in peace Michael.

I could just keep adding to the list with the likes other favourites like:
Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf
Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater
Zombie by Cranberries
Wherever I May Roam by Metallica (or any other handful of their songs)
What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes
Patience by Guns N’ Roses
Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
However I thought it was fun to speak to my dear friend Helen Edwards at Recycled Interiors about her choices. Helen and I have often spoken about how we welcome a rainy day and rejoice in the change of pace.  So these are a few of Helen’s rainy day mixed tape picks:
Fields of Gold by Sting
Graceland by Paul Simon
The Horses by Darryl Braithwaite
Landslide although originally by Stevie Knicks, Helen likes the Dixie Chicks version
Hurricane by Bob Dylan

Helen says ::

“I find that song lyrics can have different meanings to different people based on their relation to the world and where they are. Despite what a musical artists intention is with writing lyrics, I truly believe that it’s the greatest compliment to an artist when lyrics can be interpreted in many ways and can transcend to serve or give comfort, solace, understanding, enjoyment or connection for someone in a myriad of ways.”
She’s so right about how we identify with songs! We are all drawn to songs and the lyrics and tone, based on our own experiences. I’m certainly moved by some of Helen’s picks for a rainy day in my own ways.
What is on your rainy day play list? Do any of these songs on our mixed tapes give you some old school feels and memories?

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