Vintage coloring books are a collision of my hobbies and passions these days. You all know how much I love vintage baby and children’s items and I have the softest spot for vintage children’s books. So it’s no surprise that it my interests extend to vintage coloring books as well.

Over time I have had countless vintage coloring books pass my way through my business, through buying bulk lots of children’s books but sadly most have seen better days. Do you know though, there is quiet a collector market for vintage coloring books with vintage paper-craft and ephemera collectors?

When it comes to collectors, I’m one of those vintage lovers and collectors who depending on what it is has the opinion that some things are best used and enjoyed. You’ve heard me gush many times over about storybook illustrations and the innocent imagery often depicted. Well I feel quite the same way about vintage coloring books, and have just recently purchased my first completely unused vintage coloring book from The Pink Room on Etsy.

If you’re keen to track down genuine vintage coloring books there a few things you might like to keep in mind.

1. First up decide do you want the coloring book to hold and have and look at, or is something you’d actually like to bring to life with color? If you’d like to do that latter I’d suggest that you be very happy and confident in your coloring style, technique and preferences before you get started if you’re wanting a completed book at the end that you are happy with.

2. Try to look for listings where the coloring book is unused, if you’re wanting to complete a coloring book with your own stamp of uniqueness on it you’ll want a book that hasn’t had another little hands at it, back in the day.

3. Some coloring book pages could be fragile and if you intend to color the book, your coloring medium will have to be carefully considered. Felt tips or copic markers would most definitely be a no, no due to the quality of paper used over many decades for such things as coloring books for children, as a result felt tips and markers would most likely bleed through to other pages.

4. Decide on your budget for a vintage coloring book, some rare coloring books can fetch prices well beyond the $15 – $30 price point for a lot of popular coloring books for adults currently. If you stick to a similar price point of between $15 – $30 you can certainly track down a good variety genuine vintage coloring books for your pleasure.

Are you a grown coloring fan? Will you be tracking down some vintage coloring books to put your own colorful stamp on?

One thought on “Top 4 Tips for Buying Genuine Vintage Coloring Books…..

  • July 14, 2015 at 1:21 am

    I have a few gorgeous ones set aside to scan or give to a graphic designer who will scan and appreciate them one day. I -love- vintage coloring books, too 🙂


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