I’ve been making and wearing tape measure brooches for the last few years and for just as long I have been meaning to show you all how you can simply and easily make your own tape measure brooch in just a few minutes.

So here goes this is a simple and easy crafty project that you could finished and be wearing in under ten minutes.

What you you will need to get started:

* Tape measure (thrifted or cheaply bought inexpensively) 
* Hot glue gun
* Scissors
* Stapler 
* Buttons (I’ve actually gone with an old clip on earring that lost its back……so think outside the box)
* Brooch back (get thrifty take a back off a broken brooch if you need be)
How you do it, it’s easy and you’ll get lots of wonderful comments on your unique brooch once you’re done and wearing it.

1 & 2. Decide on the size you would like your flower tape measure brooch to be and cut the metal end off your tape measure and then cut three even sized pieces as pictured, I recommend three pieces 7 1/2″ to 8″ to be a great statement size, as these pieces will come down to half that size in diameter to make your brooch in a few moments.
3 & 4. Decide weather you would like your brooch to show inches or centimeters and proceed to make the three pieces you’ve cut into simple bows by folding the ends in as pictured (pic 3) and pinch them together.

You will need to use your stapler to staple through the center of each of the bows to have three pieces as pictured (pic 4). Now you’re ready to construct your brooch.

5 & 6. Arrange your three tape measure bow pieces so that they appear to mimic a flower shape, and staple through the center of stacked three bows. They should now be secure, if you’re stapler is struggling to get through you can always secure the bows with a couple stitches with a heavy duty needle and some thread. Otherwise the next step will help secure everything a little further for you.
With the hot glue gun glue on your button or other adornment on to the center of the tape measure flower then flip it over and place hot glue over the staple ends to help secure the brooch further and also to glue on your brooch back. Allow a few quick minutes for the hot glue to harden and then you are ready to wear your funky new pretty tape measure brooch.

* Alternate your bows to show inches and centimeters showing in your completed brooch.
* Go crazy with your brooch center, do a button stack with two or three funky or vintage buttons.
* Mix things up with your brooch center you could use old earrings, tokens, coins…..get creative.
* If you’ve got old colored tape measures mix it up with various colors.
* With this method you could use different findings on the back and make show clips, barrettes but playing with sizes.
How to make it thrifty…
Aside from necessary equipment to make the brooch (hot glue gun, scissors and stapler) this brooch could easily and inexpensively be made from thrifted supplies from an op shop. You could even construct this brooch on top of old brooch I take a brooch back from an broken brooch. So make sure you take a look through the sewing and craft supplies on your next op shop visit. 
Happy brooch making, I guarantee you will get comments on how unique it looks.

3 thoughts on “How To Make a Tape Measure Brooch…..

  • July 8, 2015 at 12:16 am

    The brooch is beautiful as are you Trudie . I think my glasses are exactly the same as yours except mine are purple! Xx

  • July 8, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Thanks Leisha. Snap on the glasses, I love them. Clearly we both have great taste.


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