I actually can not pinpoint the time when my interest developed in collecting and then selling vintage baby and children’s clothing. I’ve lived appreciating old things my whole life, but the love of old vintage items for babies and children has been with me some time.

Long, long before we were even considering having children I had wardrobe rails full of vintage baby and children’s items. Back in the day (pre-kids) I sold off items to friends, family and collectors for longer then I have been here in this online social community.

When I started out in the early days developing my idea of a vintage children’s business offering genuine vintage clothing and items, there were very few others out there doing doing the same. But as time goes by the desire and trend for vintage items is on the rise, people wanting something unique and one of a kind for their little cherubs. As a result I have seen in increase in others joining the ranks to sell off collections of vintage baby and children’s clothing.

If you’re starting out with your own vintage baby and children’s business or you fancy the idea here are some top tips and insights into being a standout in what you do:

  • Absolute number one tip above anything else is launder your items. Remember you’re selling baby and vintage items, and new and expecting mums are often frenzied and want everything spotless and to be perfect for their little ones. Vintage items often come at cost or premium to mass produced and cheap items bought at chain stores for babies. So your perspective customer doesn’t want to have to consider various types of efforts and laundering techniques to make an item wearable for their child even it they do love its vintage and nostalgic allure.
  • Keeping with laundering your stock, research and study various techniques for stain removal and repairs of garments. It’s a tricky game selling vintage clothing regardless if it’s for adults or children. But different stains and spills may need to be dealt with in different manners, not to mention often having to consider fabric types and dyes used for old fabrics. The standard modern day attitude of popping something in a laundry soaking agent could destroy a precious heirloom baby or children’s piece with unstable clothing dyes from eras ago.
  • Don’t be afraid to launder items, take your time through this process you will learn valuable knowledge and skills for the future. The effort you put into presenting your stock at it’s very best will give you your best return on investment.
  • Selling vintage baby and children’s clothes with stains or damage and stating in listings “as is” should be avoided for your best success for resale. If you’re not wanting to attempt the laundering it’s unlikely a perspective customer will want to. Your garment will have to be a knock out, stand out piece to get people parting with their money for a damaged or soiled item for their little one. You will be stuck with stock, so don’t invest funds into pieces with significant issues.

  • The only exception to the previous point is in the with earlier garments from the 1930’s or earlier including Victorian pieces. There are those collectors out there who are collecting very old and rare pieces. Such pieces are often very delicate and if anyone was wanting to take on laundering or restoration of such pieces it should be taken on by a professional or very skilled and experienced hands.

The collecting and reselling of vintage baby and children’s clothing is certainly fun and a oh so cute with some of the most adorable outfits you can imagine and it’s always nice to see pieces go off to new forever homes.  But much like many other things condition is everything and just because something is “old” it doesn’t necessarily make it desirable to a perspective collector or mother wanting to purchase unique pieces for her little person. Set a standard for your stock condition and you will be rewarded with loyal customers and word of mouth business.

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