You may remember in the past I’ve shown you some glimpses into the Lifeline Bookfest when I’ve got along. I’m in no short supply of vintage children’s books but that’s no excuse to keep me away from having a look. The Gold Coast Lifeline Bookfest has been on since this Friday on the Gold Coast and finishes today, at the Gold Coast Convention in Broadbeach.

With the event starting on Friday and ending on a Sunday afternoon, if you ever get along on a Friday morning you’ll spot all the secondhand book dealers, sometimes donning white cotton gloves searching for rare and collectible books. Having said that though the book tables are constantly refreshed throughout the three days, so there is always still a chance of picking up other rare and collectible books if you got along one of the other days of the bookfest.

It really is a massive event with trestle tables lined up and laden with books as far as the eye can see (ok maybe not quite as far as the eye can see but you get what I mean from the pictures). It’s a massive area with thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of books to excite and entice book lovers and knowledge chasers.

Cohen and I popped along with the fair on Friday afternoon after attending an appointment and we had great look through the books with us eventually having to cull our the shopping baskets down to one basket full of books, with everyone in the family getting a few books to interest each member of the family.  Cohen of course added more nature and animal information books to his library.

Where as I had success finding Australian author illustrator Jeff Hook’s first edition of Jamie the Jumbo Jet. If you’re not familiar with Jeff Hook he started his career as press artist and cartoonist with the Hobart Mercury and went on to work as a full time cartoonist for the Herald Sun. Jeff has been awarded the order of Australia for his service to the print media as a political and social commentator and as a cartoonist. He has also received a lifetime achievement award from the Melbourne Press Club. It’s pretty exciting to grab a great first edition from an Order of Australia recipient for his contribution to Australian print media, politics and cartooning.

Such great cartoon illustrations.

As you can see I’m not lying when I say the books go on forever, you can lose a whole day at the fair getting lost in books.

I also picked up a few other additions to vintage children’s books and was rather pleased to find a Miller’s guide to care and repair of antiques and collectibles. You might also see in the pictures another find was a 1940’s fashion source guide book, which is passed onto one my lovelies.

One can never too many reference and resource books when it comes to collecting, selling, restoring and identifying pieces.

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