If you saw me doing the school run morning and afternoon, you would see I certainly don’t dress like other mums. It’s something I have found that Cohen is quite aware of and I’ve asked how he feels about the way I dress.

Cohen says he loves the way I dress, citing it’s cool and different and not like other mums. He will often pay me a compliment or take a look at what I’m trying to put together half way through and get excited and ask if he can help. 

Dress: gifted from the sweet sweet love Allison
Cardigan: hand me down from a friend
Felt Hat: Op shopped
Shoes: Op shopped
Maracasite 1960’s Bow Brooch Holding Cardigan: hand me down from my mother in law

I’ve worn this outfit a couple of times recently and Cohen was quick to add the addition of my felt hat and shoe selection. My boy did well and I’m so pleased that he embraces and encourages my uniqueness as I do his.

This sweeping maxi is another beautifully gifted frock from Alison that is a wonderful fit for me. I was uncertain at the time if it was a frock I would wear due to the colour as I’ve often had these tones wash me out. But I’ve been persevering with my issues with some colours recently and I have surprised myself with workable stylings and combinations I think that right for me.

3 thoughts on “Another Outfit Where the Child Stylist Gets Involved…..

  • April 29, 2015 at 5:51 am

    As always Trudie you look beautiful. I really like the cardigan over the maxi dress . Xx

  • April 30, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Stunning you!!! That frock looks amazing, I love the way you & Cohen have styled it. That kid has an eye for style that's for sure! Xx


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