When I was little I loved visiting my Nan and Pops home they lived in a four bedroom Queenslander home in Brisbane and by virtue of Nan and Pop having had eight children of their own there were all sorts of interesting old things around their house to do.

If you weren’t helping Nan in the kitchen or cracking macadamia nuts under the house with a hammer and brick, you might of been upstairs pretending you could play the harmonica or piano accordion or even the piano like the best. 
Although there was never any everyday need for it at my Nan’s home, there was always a typewriter around for us grandchildren. She’s a smart woman my Nan, she knew that that the tappity, tappity, tap, tap of the keys and the ding of a typewriter was such an attraction for us young kids. We’d pretend we were important office type working people, or a famous writer and we would type away tap, tap, tap writing nonsense…….it was fun and kept us busy for ages.  It’s probably of no surprise that the the tap, tap, tap of a typewriter is a sound that makes me smile with fond comforting memories of my childhood. 
Recently I scored this vintage students Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter that is made in Great Britain with a large bulk lot of other vintage items and I had left it out on the kids secondary homework table after styling a photo for project I’m working on.  

It was very funny to have Cohen inquire to what that funny computer was doing on their table and then for us to explain to him it wasn’t a computer but a typewriter and when and why it was used. He of course was chomping at the bit wanting to have a go at the typewriter. So when I finally let him loose on it he was obsessed with it and both he and Sarah took turns all day concocting different imaginative play scenarios where they were using the typewriter. 
The typewriter is in need of some slight repairs and is lightly worn but whilst the kids are enjoying it, I’m enjoying the sound of the tappity, tappity, tap, tap and being taken back to my childhood memories at my Nan and Pops whilst my children make memories of their own hopefully.

One thought on “When a Found Vintage Treasure Give Your Children One of Your Childhood Experiences…..

  • March 2, 2015 at 4:06 am

    Jarvis loves mine as well. Though, he has trouble pressing hard enough to make marks on paper. I love that he gravitates towards it.


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