For many years before Ben and I started trying for a family I used to attend art classes, initially I took adult beginners classes, which  over time graduated to me trying several different mediums as well as taking classes under one of Australia’s best pastels artists. In the last seven years though, through multiple pregnancies, kids and more I’ve not devoted much time to maintaining my artistic skills even though the desire has been there.

I’ve tried my hardest to pick up small craft projects over the years that call on some of my artistic skills I’ve previously learned, when I’ve had pockets of time around the kids. Recently though, there has been some changes around home and I’ve had somewhat of a calling to art again. You might laugh but the calling has come from an adult desire to fulfill a childhood goal of mine.

That goal I have is to beautifully colour and complete an entire colouring book by myself. Key words here are “by myself”, meaning a colouring book that I don’t have to share with one of the kids and to be directed by their thoughts of the colours I should be using. Have you ever noticed when colouring with kids how they want to control what you’re doing and the colour you use, oh and suddenly they need the coloured pencil you’re using even though they had it five seconds beforehand? You’re nodding head aren’t ya? All kids do it!
Anyone who knows me well will know I’ve had this goal and have been talking about it for years. Of course I’ve been talking about it so long that now it’s become a popular thing with all sorts of colouring books available for adults through bookstores. I recently picked up this Art Deco Patterns to Colour colouring book from Usborne from a local family owned indie book store here on the Gold Coast.

It’s been wonderful to sit with Cohen and his colouring books and me with mine over the recent holidays, when Sarah and Fraser have been napping and have some quite connecting time over colouring in. Art Deco patterns and colours are something I need to study more so that is why I opted to buy this colouring book as indirect way of doing homework. Usborne has many other colouring books for adults but there are many other publishers selling adult colouring books too, there are florals, patterns, tattoos, fashion and so much more. I’m eager to purchase a floral and tattoo book very soon.

I’ve been finding the time spent colouring, quite meditative as it let’s my constant busy mind have time to calm and focus on one thing peacefully. It’s also fired up my artistic interests and desires again and I can see an itch to sketch and doodle developing once again. It feels great to have artistic desires being stirred up again. It’s been a very long time for the itch to return which is an impact of lossing our twins back in the 2008. I have also felt the desire being pushed in me by watching my lovely Queensland blogging friend Deb from Inner Compass Designs go through her own creative exploration over the last twelve months. Her journey really has reminded me so much of myself and finding my adult artistic soul so many years ago now.

It’s been great to have this artistic awakening again, and it’s been so wonderful to hear how many others have been thrilled by the concept of adult colouring-in with many readers on the blogs Facebook page and Instagram express a similar yearning or love to colour. I’ve been researching some great resources which I’m looking to prepare in a blog post soon.

Let’s colour-in together!

4 thoughts on “Grown Up Colouring In Books for Adults: It’s a Thing Now…..

  • January 29, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    YAY – glad you found a book you liked. I think I'm going to take my book away with me tomorrow and try to get some colouring in done as well.
    Enjoy !!!!

  • January 30, 2015 at 12:55 am

    I've been colouring with the kids for years, so it might be fun to get my own book! x

  • January 30, 2015 at 9:25 am

    Love this so much hon. Colouring in back in 2010 was one of my first dabbles as well. I think it lets you safely explore colour and pattern and inexpensive art supplies and then as you get reacquainted it leads to more art pursuits. Looking forward to seeing what is next for you beautiful friend xxx

  • February 4, 2015 at 7:48 am

    I have had my own books… well since Tamika was a baby, so for twenty years or more. I find it very relaxing.


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