I’m sure we’ve all experienced life being busy and getting carried away and as a result we let the little bits of self care slide. As much as I try to make an effort with my outfits each day, it’s been some time since I’ve taken the same care each and every single day with my make up.

I’ve always taken care of my skin but I haven’t indulged myself with time for make up on a regular basis since having Cohen. Sure when I have had a rare night out I’ve made the effort or I’ve had some extra time on random mornings I’ve done something a little extra but it’s been far from consistent until recently.

For the last three months I’ve been forming new habits and routines and have been stealing more time for me each morning and evening to take that extra bit of care and pampering and getting back into wearing makeup again. I feel all the better for it too, and my efforts feel matched by my effort in my outfits.
Plain Black Tee – op shopped
Polka Dot Shorts – op shopped
Beads – the sweetest bird of them all
Painted Natural Bangle – by me at the Annie Sloan Unfolded Cocktail Event at ProBlogger
Shoes – retail
I often have people comment on my choice outfits in my day to day running around of errands or at school. The comments are always positive with people saying that they think I always make an effort to look nice. It’s nice to hear as I certainly don’t dress like most other school mums or most people on the Gold Coast. I always try to wear combinations that are versatile during the day for school drop offs and pick ups, errands and meetings. So the above outfit would see me ditching the heels and slipping on ballet flats to navigate around three kids, car parks and school run.
I’ve found it funny lately how others have started to notice the effort I’ve been putting into my make up and making what is a big bold move for me to wearing lipstick rather than playing it safe with glosses. With the kids all getting a little older despite still being young, things are starting to get easier and it’s nice to feel more of me emerging again.
Have you always taken time for you?  Have you little the little things slide from time to time or because of children? If you’re reading this and you have, take it from me steal some time starting today……even just a few extra minutes and indulge you……you’ll feel all the better for it!

One thought on “In short I’m Making More Time for Me…..

  • November 27, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Supermodel alert!! Incredible outfit on your gorgeous self. Those shorts are the cutest….I love the little fold down bit. You look hot as with makeup on, but you're one of those lucky ladies who look gorgeous without it too. Love L. Xx


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