Summer is certainly on it’s way here, with temperatures already soaring most days and the air-conditioning running frequently. As a result of the heat I’ve been trying to organise some cold snacks and treats for the kids for after school and on the weekends.

The kids have been having plenty of icy cold smoothies, yogurt, fruit salads and I’ve also been getting creative with some home-made ice block combinations which is something I do every year when things heat up. I make ours at home as Cohen has certain food sensitives to various preservatives and colours, so instead I draw on the bank of things I know that are safe for him to have and create some yummy treats as well as save money.

I recent success and raving favourite from the kids are Lemonade, Pear and Ginger Ice Blocks which I posted a picture of on Instagram when Sarah and I were making them and there were several requests on Instagram and Facebook for me share a recipe. So here it is it’s dead easy.

Lemonade, Pear and Ginger Ice Blocks

* Can or bottle of Lemonade
* Large Tin of Pears in Syrup
* Thumb size piece of fresh ginger

1. Add 300ml of lemonade to 300ml of syrup from the tin pears.

2. Take half of the pears from the tin and mash them up to desired consistency for your ice blocks. I like ours quite chunky, but you could also blitz them if you wish and then add the pears to the lemonade and syrup.

3. Finely grate a thumb size piece of ginger into the liquid mixture and then pour your mixture into you ice-block molds and freeze.

They are super yummy and zingy with the ginger and they could easily be made into an adult version with some vodka……just don’t get them mixed up with the ones for the kids. But heck if you wanted to get a little more fancy you would even quickly blitz a frozen ice-block up for a makeshift daiquiri with a shot or two of vodka.

You can thank me later. Enjoy!

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