It has been a long time since I’ve shown you any changes around home and over the last little while we’ve been chipping away at making changes and improvements. Everything here is always a work in progress from painting to decorating, as we have do things in stages and on budget when we can!

I can’t believe I haven’t shown this to you all but earlier this year we updated the chairs for our dining table, as Ben wanted something more comfortable and the original chairs we had that matched the table had vinyl that was starting to split and wear. The chairs themselves were still structurally fine, but we decided to sell them to someone I know who likes to revamp old pieces, doing so allowed us to fund some new to us comfortable yet retro dinning chair.

They don’t match our table but we’re completely fine with that, it’s about piecing together a home that is eclectic and has personality. Our dining area has also seen a big goodbye to our old dying retro buffet, and replaced with a modern cubed storage unit which I bought of eBay for a third of the price that sell for retail. If you click on the link above you’ll see what our old dining chairs and buffet looked like.

Later on down the track we are wanting to replace the cubed storage unit again for a long Eames buffet but neither Ben nor I are wanting to do that until the kids are older and aware of the care that one needs to take around things sometimes.  When I get that Eames buffet I want it to in impeccable condition and I want it to be a forever piece to be handed down. For now the cubed unit helps marry together Ben and I’s modern and vintage tastes.  So I’m now trying to decorate the unit with vintage and unique finds that tell a story about us as well. I’m still in the process of filling this unit up and playing around with things, as it’s an addition that only came this week and Fraser’s busy hands need to be taken into consideration with what will be going on the two bottom rows, for now square baskets are looking like our best option. As for the the square that’s free beside my lovely retro glasses, it’s likely going to be some liqueurs.

Finally one of he other biggest changes that has happened has been me saying goodbye to my much loved chair. I know close friends reading this will be shocked because they will know just how much I love the chair I had and how often I have threatened to drag it out of the house if ever there was a house fire. But for various reasons concerning the kids and further changes we are wanting make around home, I made the decision for him to go a new home. Instead this lovely has joined us too!

Our new to us chair is far more practical for this room and a lot less of a hazard with the kids on my old swivel rocker. I’m rather in love the shape of this chair and it still has it’s original fabric which will likely be redone in time. The little occasionally table is also a score from this week, which I picked up for coins.
We still have got a lot to change in this room and it’s a case of slowly does it, there’s the painting of the feature wall (where the cubed unit is with the starburst clock) to do and we’ve got new pendent lighting to go in and other electrical work to do. We are also wanting a huge rug for under the dining table, but the size we need if we purchase retail is a fortune, so I’m hunting down bargains, sales and discounts not to mention trying to find something perfect and second-hand if we can. Finally as this post goes live I’m waiting to hear if we have been successful on a bid at a deceased estate auction for a desk that compliments the style of our dining table. If we are successful it is going in the left hand corner next to the cubed unit.
This whole decorating with vintage and melding it with modern whilst being thrifty at the same time is a work in progress, you’ve got to be patient to get things just the way you want. There’s no going out and buying a whole decorating suite retail fix for people like us.

4 thoughts on “Thirfty & Vintage Dining Room Changes…..

  • November 2, 2014 at 8:18 am

    The new dining chairs look lovely and comfy.
    Decorating with second hand sure is a slow process. I love that by picking up pieces for often bargain prices, down the line if your tastes change or you find a new piece you like more you can donate it back and not feel guilty for having spent a fortune. x

  • November 3, 2014 at 11:17 am

    I love the new old dining chairs. The shape is really mid century cool. I too am still after some forever pieces, but the hunt is lots of fun. Xx

  • November 3, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    Much like our wardrobes I think good interior design is an organic process. I'm forever finding amazing pieces on my travels and selling on things I already own to make room. Love the shape of the dining chairs! xxx


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