We live in a world these days where there are all manner of toys, games and gadgets imaginable for kids to while away their time with. There’s such a huge difference in the toys I see kids playing with in comparison to the toys I had as a child. It’s funny to see kids abandon all their latest and modern toys when some old toys come out. Why is that?

My answer: Because simply vintage toys are better and here is why:

  • Let’s face it straight up the toys we used to play with were made to last. Toys today don’t seem to last the test of time and bashing that little people can give them, they’re massed produced at a rapid rate with materials that break as soon as a child gives it a good toss. Doesn’t seem like fun does it? Rather disappointing too if you’re a kid?
  • Toys when I was growing up had less gender bias associated with them through the bias of colored pink and blue gender roles. Go to any toy store now and you’ll be hard pressed to find a dolls pram or kitchen set that isn’t pink and purple and solely targeted at girls. Back in my day there were blues, yellows and red, color themes that appealed to both boys and girls with all sorts of toys. Talk about gender equality, so much of today’s modern toys are solely marketed at girls or boys not a cross section of children and keeping them within the out dated gender and perceived domestic roles.
  • If you were born in the 1970’s or earlier we had toys, great toys that still allowed us to use our imaginations. Toys of our time added to our imaginative play and games we played. Toys didn’t do all the thinking for children back then. So many toys today say and do everything and all a child needs to do is press a button and sit and watch. Parents wonder today why their kids end up more interested in the box the toy came in. My answer is that a box has endless possibilities in a child’s imagination.
  • Old school toys are and were unique and different to anything on the modern market. Just look at the modern day toy market and many of the toy company’s relaunching old school favourites. Why are they doing it? Vintage and retro is so much more in the general consciousness of the mainstream market now. Companies wouldn’t be investing time and money in relaunching old school favorites if there wasn’t fun in it and most of all profit for them. Hence vintage toys are better, if big toy companies see the need to re-launch old faithfuls from back in the day.

Finally the reason vintage toys are better is because when mums and dads reminisce and come by or drag out their old toys, memories flood back. Kids and parents alike are enjoying quality time together reliving childhood memories and making new ones with their children whilst they play. What a beautiful way to spend time with your kids then to show and teach them a little about who you were as a kid and what you enjoyed, it’ll make them feel closer to you.

Really what’s better than that?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Vintage Toys Are Better……

  • July 14, 2014 at 5:00 am

    The points you make, as always, are so valid. Even though I am not in the toy buying stage, I could identify with everything you said and that's why I generally buy books for any children that I know if I need presents for them.
    Have a wonderful week Lovely Lady !
    Me xox

  • July 14, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Books are always a brilliant option over buying dud toys. Thanks for your lovely comment.


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