When July hits next month it will mark one year that my Etsy store MyVintageChildhoodxo has been opened. Although I’ve been collecting and selling vintage children’s items for a lot, lot longer than I’ve had an official on line store, but it’s an exciting milestone to mark.
One thing that has been on my to do list for my store has been to develop some unique or fun ways to package up people’s purchases. You might know I have a thing with up-cycling damaged vintage children’s books, so it only seems fitting that my packaging idea has come from some damaged books I have laying around.

I’m pretty pleased to say that purchases from my store are now going to be packaged up sweetly. These storybook gift wrapping pouches will be for small items and single pieces of babies clothes, whilst I work on complimentary packaging ideas for larger items that are sold.

Below I’ve included a simple pic and text explanation of how to create these pouches yourself, so you can set about whipping up some of these to have on hand and ready to go at anytime.

How To:
Simply remove single pages from a damaged vintage children’s book. A craft blade and ruler will be handy in getting as close to the spine of the book as possible and cutting a straight edge. Then using your sewing machine and a straight stitch sew together two pages along a short edge followed by a long edge and then the remaining short edge. You can tack back a few small stitches at the start and finish to reinforce your stitch.

Now that you have the final long edge unsewn, you’re free to slide in your folded garment or small item to wrap. Ensure your item is still small enough (not too wide or fat) so that you can still bring the final unsewn edges together to be sewn together. On your sewing machine slowly take care of sewing the final edge (tacking back and forth at beginning and end) being careful not to sew through the item(s) in the pouch.

Finally your pouch will look like the final product pictured and you can add some ribbon or gift tag details. The recipient of the parcel will be able to open their pouch simply by tearing a edge like a perforated section in magazine.

If you give this How To a go please let me know.

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