I don’t know about other couples, but in the evenings when Ben and I are working on our own projects, we like to be in close vicinity to one another so we can talk. With three kids we don’t get much chance to have uninterrupted conversations, so in the evenings we like to try and make the most of it when the kids are in bed. But try as we might over the last few years to share work spaces, it just hasn’t worked out. Ben’s projects have grown and not to mention my stock levels and its become difficult to have a shared space. We have been getting in each others way for far too long and it’s been disruptive to my momentum with the business.

So after spending much of the last eighteen months trying to share a work space together again, Ben and I finally made the decision it’s no longer in our best interest to do so. So Ben has moved his projects and work space elsewhere in the house and I have been left with the entire fourth bedroom of our home for the sole purpose of running my business and blog from.

Just one corner of the office and what is happening at the moment, there is a wardrobe full as well as a rack of clothes large storage containers needing to be addressed. Things are seriously bubbling along and it’s great having MY own space to work in.
I only wish now that we had made the change earlier as the move has made an immediate impact on both of our organisation and productivity. So much so it has freed so more creative and collaborative energies which has seen some wonderful opportunities come my way. Opportunities which had they come earlier would have left me stressed and concerned I wouldn’t be able to fulfill appropriately and timely.

What’s the lesson?

If you’re in a similar situation having to share a mutual space in your home for pleasure or business, I’d definitely suggest answering these questions along with the other person.

  • Clearly define the use of the space in the first place. Is there a need for you or your partner to leave tasks out on work surfaces whilst you step away? A lot of creative people need to be able to this, so they can come back later with fresh eyes and not have to set themselves back up to carry on.
  • Do you need separate desks and work surfaces? Are your interests and projects similar, do you need to work on projects together?
  • Is there enough room to accommodate everyone’s needs happily? This includes all of ones supplies to do what they need to do with relative ease.
  • Do you have the same attitudes towards keeping things organised? Are you or your partner a neat freak or are you more of a make a mess as I go and clean up later type?

Sharing a home work space with a partner or family member can be tricky, we’ve tried several different options over the years which I have documented here in the blog. It’s taken until now with both Ben and I having full fledged very involved passions, interests and in my case business to establish once and for all it doesn’t work for us. Sure we want to be near one another, but the ways in which we work are not conducive to our momentum, creative energies and at times our relationship.

Have you ever shared a home work space or office with your partner or family member? Did it or does it work for you?

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Sharing a Home Office & Questions to Ask Yourself….

  • June 9, 2014 at 3:32 am

    Great post Trudie….we have shared an office when we have both been working from home and still share one now although mines the 'serious' corner. I have thought of moving mine elsewhere in the house but it's nice to be able to chat when he's home.

  • June 9, 2014 at 6:40 am

    We don't share a space as such, I don't have one. It's got so bad that our bedroom is a mad dungeon of hubby's academic texts and and computers in various stages of repair, plus hobby shite. Nightmare. I'm so glad you've had this fantastic window of opportunity open to you since you acquired your own room – it sounds exciting! x

  • June 9, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    It's nice to hear that you and your hubby for the main part have a space that works for you both. When you say your corner is the serious corner, is that because he's playing with toys in his corne…..much like my Ben?

  • June 9, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    A mad dungeon huh? Computers in varying stages of repair, sounds as though your hubby would get along famously with my dad. Thanks for the encouragement over the recent "opportunity" I'm hoping I can say more about it soon. But in the meantime I'm working very hard to make it possible if all the powers that be come together.


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