There is one great big excuse to slow down and enjoy this week. My big little boy is five today. That’s right the big five, the serious business of being of growing up but being sweet cuddly young kid. It’s a wonderful age to watch my preppie grow and bloom right now. He still needs us for so much but is pushing so hard for independence and freedom.

Today he will be able read some of his own birthday cards and messages and when everything is done and dusted he’ll even be able to draw and write thank you notes. He’ll relish the time and chance to do that.

We are celebrating on the weekend with a party with ten of his school friends, he has no proper idea yet that it’ll mean he is given gifts on top of all the fun he will have playing with his friends. He’s a such a social, happy and confident kid he’ll be busting at the seams to dance and play.

He asked me the other day if I could arrange pass the parcel for his party. I explained we really wouldn’t have time as we are Ten Pin Bowling for his party. He told me that he wanted to do pass the parcel so he could share his birthday with everybody. Comments like these melt my heart from, what a joyous young man he is growing to be. Don’t worry my sweet man the treat bags mumma is organising will be a joy to share with your friends.

To my dearest Cohen your birth, your breath, your touch and your love five years ago today cracked open our hearts to healing. Delivered to us by the delicate angel wings of your heavenly sisters Elle and Meg. Carrying a strong name, a family name, you my sweet man are quite simply amazing and I am honored and humbled to have mothered you for the last five years.

Happy Birthday baby we love you.

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