We’ve just had a huge weekend with a big chunk of it away on a road trip gallivanting around sourcing some fresh goodies for my business. Cohen and Sarah had time with their grandparents and Fraser, myself and Ben hit the road. Fraser continues to be an absolute dream to treasure hunt with, he traveled well in the car over the weekend and when we were on foot he spent the entire time being worn in a carrier by me. Many a comment was made over the weekend that I was starting his treasure hunting habits early. Well I guess I am because he was utterly content the whole time, taking in everything we were doing and then having sleepy times in-between whilst in the carrier.

We were on the go all weekend that I just simply didn’t have time to stop and think about capturing our road trip with photos. Well that and the fact that I had been awake since 1.30am Saturday morning, so photos of me would not have been glamorous. But what I have here is some snaps of just some of the AMAZING finds that will be available soon through our Etsy store, markets and shop display.

It was a massive weekend but thoroughly enjoyed by Fraser, myself and Ben. Through sleepy and weary discussions yesterday we’ve started to plot and plan some treasure hunting trips together for the whole family which is exciting. When I think about the name of my business My Vintage Childhood it only seems to make sense that we would have trips together hunting for treasures and creating family memories as we go along.

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