I took a day off from social media yesterday, it’s a good thing to do sometimes I think; at least I find for me it’s a good thing to do.
 It was a wonderfully relaxed and fun day pottering about, enjoying being at home, enjoying my kids and their crazy antics. Enjoying crafting and playing with ideas, fondling vintage girls frocks and selling more and posting them off to new loving homes. I folding floral vintage linens and played with new combinations for Sarah’s bedroom. I took moments for tea and Frankie, while my little the kids napped……it was bliss.

And I can’t forget time spent with friends, one of my dearest friends ever from primary schools days came for dinner. He cooked, we ate, we drunk red wine. We slurped up Asian Duck and Noodle Soup. And we laughed, and we laughed as we always do.

Take a day off, it’s good for the soul.

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